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Trudie writes:

I am looking to trace a Lesie Whorwood Auster.

I have an address for the year 1861 as Park Hill, Kings Norton, Worcestshire . The address as now shown looks to have been built long after that date.

Also I have been led to understand that the property had land, and am wondering if this could have been around Cotteridge Park?

Thank you.


Reg writes:

I have been working on Haye House, a private house directly across the road from the old Breedon Bar pub.

Please could you supply any info of this lovely house? The plaque on the exterior of the building reads Haye House 1862.

Many thanks!

Cotteridge Stores

Cotteridge Stores: late 19th century

Wendy is researching her family tree and has these two photos of Cotteridge Stores, which seems to be an off licence. The licensee is Clara Moorfield who was married in 1915 to Samuel Townend (his second wife). The photos appear to be taken in the late 1800s. Clara is in the centre of the first photo and on the left of the second one. Wendy wonders if anyone has any information about Clara Moorfield (perhaps her married name by a first marriage or maybe her maiden name). Also, where is this building and what is it now? Any information would be gratefully accepted.


Cotteridge Stores

Cotteridge Stores: late 19th century

Kevin was born and lived at 1 Laurel Road from 1952 to 1974 and has many happy memories over that period. His Granddad and Grandma, Harry and Flow Pritchard, used to run the corner shop at 32 Cotteridge Road. He writes, “the Grant Arms was in my time always known as a pub but I am trying to find out if it was ever known as the Grant Hotel. The period I am interested in is 1899-1900”. If anybody has any memories of the Grant Arms, contact us.

The logbook for the first day of Cotteridge Mixed School, October 1st, 1900.

Logbook from Cotteridge School's first ever day

1900 Cotteridge Mixed School

Oct 1 – I, George Howard Mann as Head Master, opened the above school this morning.
Staff: at opening:-
George Howard Mann Cert.
Miss Nellie Judge do
Miss Mary Brookes do
School closed this afternoon on account of King’s Norton Mop.

Oct 1 Clerk
Admitted first morning 170.