Hello everybody. Does anybody remember the coal merchant on the corner of Frances Road?

My dad worked there in the 1950s through the 1960s. He started out with a horse (named Oi You),  and progressed to a lorry.

Would love to see a photo if anybody has one.

Also my nan lived, when newly wed, at number 22 Lifford Lane, just before WW1.

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  • Sue:

    The coal merchant’s name was Mr. LLoyd. My parents used to have coal delivered by them

  • Keith:

    I certainly remember the coal merchants and definitely the LLOYDS who owned it. – I lived in Frances Road – and yes the correct spelling of the road name is Frances with an E – not as it was spelt for a while with an I – The sign at the top of the road was incorrectly spelt with an I and correctly spelt at the bottom of the road with an E.

  • T simpson:

    My grandad and family lived at 45 Frances road just down the hill from the coal man’s yard. We had a big family the Stanley’s on Frances road from the 20’s or earlier

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