John asks…

Can anyone remember Burt Coley’s fishing tackle shop which was opposite the Grant Arms pub?

As a child you could buy maggots for a few pence then go to the Rea and fish.

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  • Yasmin:

    I remember Bert Coley’s. It was almost opposite our family’s shop, a clothes shop called ‘Eileen’s’ (my mother’s name). You may also remember a bicycle shop run by Mr Nash, and Grice’s, the newsagent.

  • Steve:

    I remember Burt Coleys. Used to buy maggots on way to Lifford reser.

  • michael round:

    used that shop along with my father for many years till he retired and austin clisset took it over


    I went in there as a kid in the mid sixties. It had glass cases full of specimen fish and a real old style fishing shop atmosphere. I think it was also/became a pet shop.

    We also used to go into Austin Clissets fishing shop in Cotteridge in the seventies. His son, Kevin and Dad “Pop” were also in there.

  • T simpson:

    And fish in lifford lane reservoir or better still in the paper mills pool !

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