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Diana writes…

Does anyone know anything about a cycle repair shop – Charles Chadwick, 111 Pershore Road, about 1900?

I know it existed from a Commercial directory but would love to know more about it.

Many thanks!

Lynn writes:

My daughter has recently moved to live at 76 Ashmore Road.

I have tried to find out who was living in her house in 1911 but with no luck.

The last house on the 1911 Census seems to be 60 Ashmore Road and then Midland Road is the next address.

Can anyone help?

Julia writes…

I am one of many grandchildren of Frank Lawton, who started a business in 1906 of cooked meats and pork pies etc.

This shop was 1833 Pershore Road, Cotteridge.

In 1956 they celebrated its jubilee. The business continued into the early 60s.

I am very anxious to know if anyone has pictures of the shop, as I am in the process of writing about this.

You may even remember the van driven by Harold – pale green with a cream egg shape sign on the sides of the van with writing about Lawton cooked meats.

The pictures below come from the great new book, Cotteridge Through Time, by Wendy Pearson. Thanks to her for the images. The book is available on Amazon via this link.

Cotteridge in 1910

Cotteridge in 1910

Cotteridge in 1913

Cotteridge in 1913











Cotteridge in 2011

Cotteridge in 2011 (copyright Wendy Pearson 2011)


Thanks to Joy for sending in these scanned pages from the photo album of her relative, Miss Phyllis Earp, who taught at the school in the early 1900s.

Click on the images to see them full size.

Dave in Alberta, Canada is wondering if anyone has any information on his great grandfather, Benjamin Wood. He is listed as living at 1 Rowheath Road on Dave’s grandfather Fred Wood’s World War I Canadian Attestation Papers. He was been married to Elizabeth Hall. Any information would be of interest – please leave a comment or contact us with any clues.

The fantastic Warwickshire Railways website has loads of photos, information and resources about the railways of south Birmingham over the past two centuries. Photos like the one below, which shows Kings Norton station in an Edwardian postcard, are just a taster…

Another great railway website is Rail Around Birmingham, which features information on every station in the city – even ones which have long gone, like Lifford.

Kings Norton Station in Edwardian postcard

Kay (now in Australia) is researching her family tree and wonders if anyone has any information about:
– The Leavers of 29 Elm Tree Road, Stirchley
– Elizabeth Morgan of “56 Pershore Road” in 1911
– Any hotels in the area in the early 20th century.

Tony is doing his family history. His great grand parents, James Henry and Elizabeth Adkins, lived at 112 Midland Road from about 1902. He was a local slater and his son James William Adkins, a property repairer, lived at 82 Pershore Road, later renumbered 1729, (where Tony’s mother Eva Kathleen Marlow was born in 1919). James and Elizabeth had eleven children: Avis, Charlotte, Alice, Alberta, James. Bertram, Emma, Elizabeth (Tony’s grandmother), Harry (who died in Belgium in 1917), Beatrice, and Maude. St Agnes Church features a lot in the family history and Tony would like to find a picture of it. If anyone could help with any information about any of these folk he’d love to hear from them.

Colette writes, “I’m researching my family tree and particularly two brothers who went to war and were both killed in 1916. They lived in Charlotte Road, Stirchely, and I am trying to just build up a picture of the street they came from. If anyone has any memories passed down of people, families and events in Charlotte Road I would love to hear about them”. As always, if you have any information, please leave a comment or contact us.

Cotteridge School in 1912

Cotteridge School 1912 (photo courtesy of Tony James)

The Birmingham and Worcester Canal, at Lifford Lane / Pershore Road Bridge; about 1900

The Birmingham and Worcester Canal, at Lifford Lane / Pershore Road Bridge; about 1900