Mr and Mrs Winscott - Newsagents, Watford Road 1951

Mr and Mrs Winscott - Newsagents, Watford Road 1951

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  • Derek:

    Lived in Watford Road as a child and remember the Winscotts, they had a daughter Cynthia. Bought fireworks from there for bonfire night.
    On the opposite corner was an Ansells outdoor. It sold draught beer and on each Sunday I had to go up the road for Dad’s beer (in a pop bottle) and a bottle of Masons ‘American Cream Soda’.

  • Jenny:

    Brenda Morris, the Wincotts daughter, ran the Tuck Shop in Northfield Road much frequented by the boys from King’s Norton Boys School up until the early 1990s. A lovely lady with always a smile for everyone.

  • Michael Hill:

    Very interesting! Got here doing a search on Triplex Glass, Kings Norton, where my father, Norman Hill, worked in the early fifties as a glassblower. I was born on Middlemore Road in 1951 a bit east of Northfield station. Still remember it after all these years!

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