Three photos of Cotteridge School teachers and staff from the late seventies / early eighties. Let us know if you recognise anyone.

Cotteridge School staff in the late seventies / early eighties

Cotteridge School staff in the late seventies / early eighties

Cotteridge School staff in the late seventies / early eighties

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  • Rich:

    Blast from the past but I think there was Mr Gummery and Mrs Richardson (Head). Mrs Green and I think Miss Byrne. Mrs Cotterill, Mrs Wase, Miss Novak and Mrs Kirsh (dinner lady).

    Thanks for the memories!

  • Dan:

    These were taken just before my time but I remember Mrs Roe – I can still hear her Welsh tones echoing around the annexe hall during assembly time!

    Is that Mrs Dutton on the extreme left at the front in the top picture? I remember her looking a bit older and with glasses so it might not be her. If it is, then she was the nursery nurse and was lovely; does anyone know what happened to her?

    Plus it’s funny to see a different headteacher – I’d always felt Mr Minchin had been there forever but clearly not!

  • Adrian:

    Think that’s Mr Stone front right. I was there when Mrs Richardson passed away and Mr Minchin took over. Mrs Cotterill was my fave teacher.

  • Karen:

    I remember Mrs Richardson, she would give you smarties on your birthday, I also remember Mr Bushk: he was young and drove a green car (I think my first crush). Also Madame Cromie: she was French, we had her lessons every year in the junior, there was also the French trip to Calais. I can remember Mrs price who left to have a baby and the whole school learnt a song for her.

    I have vivid memories of the Christmas parties, some of the pupils in my year were Ian Hickey, Duncan Girling (I can remember his multi coloured mostly purple shirts), Karen Thomas, Tracy Collins. Cheryl Collymore, we founded a club called the burn your bra club after a lesson on women’s rights. Friday evening we would go to the disco and club in Cotteridge Church. Oh the memories. When Primrose Hill school had to use our school I think because it had asbestos or the roof fell in…

  • Maria Ball:

    I remember Mrs Richardson, Mrs Gwynne, Mrs Wase, Mrs Kirsh the dinner lady, and Madame Crome the French teacher who was actually French.

    I think Mrs Richardson passed away about 2 years after I left. I believe she had cancer 🙁

    Mrs Gwynne and Mrs Richardson both look so old in those photos, but they can’t have been over 60 because of the retirement age?!

  • Lisa:

    Great to see these faces again, Mrs Cotterill was my favourite teacher to date, I still remember her velvet skirt! Mrs Richardson was such an enthusiastic headmistress, I loved my years at Cotteridge Junior. (Lisa Crownshaw)

  • Tom:

    Bottom picture front left is Mrs Wase. I was in her class in the eighties.

  • Lee:

    Those names and those pictures bring back such happy memories of my time at Cotteridge J & I School – I was present from 1976-1981. I dare say the happiest of my life!

    Unfortunately I have no pics of my fellow pupils during this time and any chance to see a few would make me extremely happy. I live just behind the school so venturing past the place every day fills me with a constant stream of emotions. Oh to be given a chance to go back in time!

  • Pau Cooper:

    I was born in Lifford Lane and went to Cotteridge School between 1953 and 1959. The Headmistress then was Miss Howard. my teacher in my last year there was Mr Hewitt who is in the first photo – top row, first on the left.

  • Keith:

    I remember singing the song for Mrs Price (however I always remember it as Brown) – Not sure which is correct – the words were…

    Now Mrs ? its time to say farewell, just one more day for you to ring the bell. No more reading no more writing or PE, Just sitting at home drinking tea, will you be missing us each passing day or will you have HURRAH.

  • Laurance Wedderburn:

    I remember Mr Stone. He gave me my love of sport. He was a real enthusiast and a great motivator. I think he had a Bristol accent! Mrs Richardson was strict but fair and I’ll never forget her assemblies. She passed away after I left and I was sad to hear the news and that always makes me sad, even now. I suppose I found her strict manner inspirational! Mrs Cotterill I will never forget because she was so warm and friendly. She read the Far Away adventures by Enid Blyton and I could wait to read it to my child when she came along many years later, because Mrs Cotterill read it so well and brought the book to life. I’ve still got mixed feelings about Mr Gummery. I got on well enough with him, but I wouldn’t have wanted to get the wrong side! When we played football he would blast the ball.The kick and run game we played in the sports hall provides my happiest memories as did playing cricket (I wasn’t good!) with friends and Mr Stone in the playground

  • Vanessa Barnes:

    I loved Mrs Wase. I remember vividly in year 5 the announcement she had died during the half term in a road accident. I said good morning to Mr Minchin in the corridor and he looked absolutely heartbroken.

  • Philippa Spence:

    I remember Mrs Bradford, I was at that school in the 90s, my favourite times were spent at that school, Mr Minchin and Mrs Saunders were the heads then, we had Mrs Evans on reception who I played in my leaving assembly, Mr fletcher was the teacher we was all scared to get told off by haha, Mr Wright was my year 6 teacher and by far the best teacher to ever have. I also had a very good bond with my year 5 teacher Miss Luca. Oh I miss them days, I would love to know if the tiles the whole school decorated are still up on the walls in the play ground.

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