Cliff writes…

On a lighter note, does anyone recall Cotteridge’s only TV personality? Roy Edwards was a wonderful singer and regularly performed on a TV programme called ‘Lunchbox; (I think). He lived with his wife, who ran a hairdressers, right opposite Cotteridge Police Station, on Pershore Road. If anyone has a recording of his I would love have a copy (usual costs repayed).

I remember the incident where I convinced Roy to sign autographs at a jumble sale, organised by Round Table at Kings Norton School, and due to his popularity with females of a certain age, it resulted in a near riot with the police being called.

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  • Andrea:

    Andrea writes:

    Hello Cliff… I am responding to your comment regarding Roy Edwards. I am a great niece of Roy and you are quite right in what you say about him being agreat singer and his regular slot on the ‘Lunchbox’ show.

    I am sorry to tell you that unfortunately Roy passed away at the end of last month [May 2010] and his funeral took place in Pensby, Wirral where he lived for the last 35 years. Should you require any additional information I would be happy to supply it. Many thanks for the interest shown.

    PS. Uncle Roy remained a dedictaed fan of the Jumble Sale or Car Boot Sales and couldn’t resist a bargain! He remained a firm favourite with all the ladies but none more so than his devoted wife Joyce who passed away in 2003.

  • Cliff:

    Cliff replies:

    Dear Andrea, thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Phyllis & I were sad to learn of the death of Roy, and Joyce some time ago. It was through Kings Norton Round Table that we all became acquainted, with Roy & Joyce close friends of Bert Gillard & his wife. Bert was the owner of the very successful TV repair/sales shop on Pershore Road, just over the railway bridge & the same side as the Police Station.

    Thank you again.

  • Margaret:

    Hi Cliff,
    I can remember waiting outside the hairdressers, I think it was called Lillian Holmes, with some school friends and managed to get Roy Edwards autograph. I probably still have it somewhere packed away with other items of my mispent youth in the loft!

  • Annette:

    Yes, the hairdressers was called LILIAN HOME. She was my aunt also my boss from 1960 till 1970 when I took the busness over until 1985 when I closed it down.

    Roy Edwards hairdressers was the other side of the rail bridge. We were friendly rivals but always suported each other. It is still a hairdressing shop which opens a couple of times a week

  • Alan Ashton:

    Sorry to learn about Roy. Remember him from the good old Lunchbox days. I have recently completed a 2 part video all about Lunchbox and Jerry Allen…the organist. If you go to and then select 30a and 30b from the Index on the left of the page, you can view both videos. One of the best LPs that Roy ever made was the Christmas one for Readers Digest which he made with Blackpool organist Reginald Dixon, and the John McCarthey Singers. Superb singing and brilliant accompaniment combined.

  • Ray:

    I have lived in Frances Road for over twenty years, but I did work in Cotteridge about forty years ago and bought a glove puppet for my niece from Roy’s shop and he himself served me. I can just about remember ‘Lunchbox’. I retire next year and I was quite young when I saw Lunchbox on a neighbour’s TV.

  • June:

    In 1962 I had my hair done by Roy. I was going to be bridesmaid for my Cousin Ray Wood and his wife of 60 years Norma. I was so excited to meet someone I had seen on the TV. Roy Edwards was a lovely guy I can remember that day as if it was yesterday.

    Now living in Tardebigge, Worcs

  • Barbara Smith:

    When I was a young girl my mom and I used to watch “Lunchbox” every day and loved the music from Roy and Jerry Allen. My first job on leaving school (1957) was in a ladies clothes shop in navigation st in B’ham, one of my very first customers was Roy Edwards who I recognised immediately, I remember that he bought a blouse for his wife and then went on to New St Station to catch his train after a lovely chat and one of his bright smiles.

    Barbara. Bromsgrove.

  • Ken Hilton:

    Hi all, Roy was my uncle he was a great singer and when he came to visit us in Leicester we always had a crowd of fans outside our house. Can anybody tell me if his wife joyce is still alive as I have lost all contact with my relatives in Liverpool.

  • Mary Allder:

    Dear Chris. How sad to hear of the death of Roy Edwards. My late husband and I were big fans. I got in touch with Roy just after he came of the QE2, and he phoned me up, we had quite a chat and he sent me many of his taped recordings which he gave me permission to transfer onto CD, I also have a wonderful photograph and a couple of letters. One of the recordings was made in Blackpool with the Geraldo Orchestra, he told me he thought it was a bad recording, but it came out quite well on the CD. Regards Mary Allder

  • Beverley:

    My mum Kate Colman, knew Roy when they were kids, mates from 8 till 15 and he sang on the pavilion in Lodge Lane and was called Liverpool’s Bing Crosby.
    My mum talks highly of Roy and I was very sad when she learnt of his death in 2010. She has so many memories of him.

  • Jean Trubody:

    1/12/17. Just browsed through this sight brought back many happy & amusing memories. My parents owned a shop just a few doors away from Roy Edwards hairdressers shop. The refurbishment of these premises to turn it into a hairdressers caused great excitement with the ladies living close by. He was such a charming handsome man with a lovely pleasant gracious wife. We got to know him quite well & we were invited to the opening of his shop. What an exciting day. We met Noel Gordon & the Gerry Allan trio. Cotteridge came to life when Roy Edwards came to town. I also believe at that time he was there before the police station (opposite) was there it uses to be a Manor House owned by the renowned Grant-Ferris family who owned a large part of the cotteridge estate 🏡 strange to relate the shop my parents owned is now would you believe a hairdressers!!!!!! What a coincidence

  • gillian:

    I remember Roy and Joyce Edwards very well as I was an apprentice hairdresser at their salon in Cotteridge in the 1960.I was there for three years up until the new people took over. I cant remember the ladies name but her husbands name was Colin( I think). I was allways singing and at one point Roy asked if I would maybe do a trial, but at 16 my parents were not keen!! I did however join a group and had lots of fun.I remember them both fondly, and the poodle they had. they were great days and I went on hairdressing in u.k and abroad until I retired.I wander if any of the other girl’s from the salon are around.

  • I was very sorry to hear of Roy’s death. He was my second cousin (my father and his were first cousins). I got to know him and Joyce in the late 1950s, when he and Jill Day were singing with Geraldo. He had a lovely baritone voice. I guess he would have been about 80 when he died.

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