Peter writes:
I was wracking my brain to remember the name of the very large site exhibiting and selling second-hand furniture, bric-a-brac, books etc in Cotteridge. It was a favourite haunt of mine when I was a scholar at Kings Norton Grammar School for Boys 1949-1955.

The shop was Treasure Trove.

Peter writes back:

I vaguely remembered the bear at Treasure Trove, but reading about him brought him vividly back. I used to put pennies in the coin-operated Victrolas (is that the right word – large music-making machines with a rotating copper disc punched with slots that operated to play music-hall tunes). Most of them didn’t work, but a few did. I spent many intriguing lunchtimes browsing at that place. Other lunchtimes I spent my dinner-money on return train rides between Kings Norton and Northfield with a bag of chips from the chippie on the corner of Northfield Road (or near it).

I’m at that age when childhood memories come thick and fast, a nice nostalgic blast, I never thought I would be such a softie…) I was born and brought up in Northfield, my mother’s sister and brother-in-law were live-in stewards at Kings Norton Golf Club during and after the war. I remember that the land between Northfield and the club used to flood (down Hole Lane) and the unmade lane was sometimes impassable without a boat. Happy Days.

There are two other references to Treasure Trove on the site too:

Cliff wrote:
The Treasure Trove: I remember there was that big bear when you went in the entrance. And then there was a statue of a nude man outside and people used to come along and stick chips on his wotsit. When we were children the place was just a little shop then Mr Vincent opened it as the Treasure Trove. There were sheds round the back where they stored all the big things – suites of furniture, grandfather clocks and beds and wardrobes and all sorts of things. With the house and the sheds it would take you quite a while to go round and look at everything.

Kath wrote:
Near St. Agnes Church was a shop called “Treasure Trove” that sold all kinds of things, many from house clearances. It was a wonderful place to look round,you could find anything from a large stuffed animal to a tiny button. It was owned by a Mr Cecil Vincent.

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  • Ray:

    I believe the ‘Treasure Trove’ moved to Dump House Farm near Alvechurch. Don’t know if it’s still there though.

  • Karen Wade (Mckeever):

    I remember the “Treasure Trove”: that huge bear, at least three times a week when leaving school (Cotteridge J&I) my brother Andrew and I would walk around it looking at the curiosities. It was a wonderful place. Just up was the cycle, pram and toy centre with a huge stuffed camel, almost the size of a real one. Happy days.

  • Chris Harris:

    My dad used to work at treasure trove and became great freinds with Mr vincent he used to live in a big house at the bottom of pershore road almost oppersite camp lane when he died, his son Micheal sold it they knocked the house down and build a petrol station (not the petrol station on the corner of Camp Lane)

  • Lynne North:

    I also remember the Treasure Trove and the bear. My friend, Geraldine Larkin and I used to go in on our way home from St Josephs school. At the time I hated it and was a bit wary of the bear but Geraldine seemed to love it. It seems she and my mother had more in common than either of them realised. As my mother also loved old things. Reading the posts I wonder if the shop did any business at all or if it was full of curious school kids.The owners were obviously very tolerant and who knows how many developed a love of antique and vintage items.

  • Anne Prosser:

    Yes, I also remember Treasure Trove. What a weird and wonderful
    place it was. I lived in Middleton Hall Road and used to know
    Michael Vincent and his friend Peter Hancock. Cotteridge was a
    very busy place. The Kings Norton Factory Centre was down the hill.

  • Len Jukes:

    I lived at West Heath and used to walk via kings Norton to Stirchley baths and enroute we used to go into TT and play with the armaments all sorts of swords, pikes and muskets. It would be worth a fortune today. I remember the bear too and the toy shop further up road, lol… happy days you guys.

  • Harry Beard:

    I went to KNGS 1940/1945. I used to go to Treasure Trove.
    The lane you mentioned was Popes Lane that led to the golf course.

  • anne prosser:

    Is Michael Vincent still around or maybe Peter Hancock, who collected
    Dinky toy cars? I have given up hope of seeing them again. I live in
    Knowle with my family. Please get in touch – we are all 80 now!
    All good wishes, Anne Prosser nee Littlehales of75 Middleton Hall Road
    in 195o ish.

  • Simon Colston:

    I remember visiting ‘Treasure Trove’ with my father in the 70s. He loved it and an old musical hall pal of his (Peter Briten) either ran it or worked there…

  • Sue Box:

    Hi , reminiscing ! Used to go there with my lovely dad. Remember the place very well, especially the bear! Used to be my favourite place. Had been there a lot longer than you remember!! . Was at least back in the sixties ! Have so many memories xxx

  • Lynne Hancox.:

    I had a great love of the treasure trove of a Saturday myself and brother would make a special trip there to go and look at this marvellous collection
    Of all the things that fascinated children.
    I recall the big black bear stood by the entrance. Never once were we ever asked if we wanted to buy anything. It was just a magical place where wide eyed children looked on in awe. It was a wonderful place.

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