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I am looking for any information, photos etc of my husbands family.

His father was Stanley Newton who was married to Peggy Newton, nee Richards, until her death in 1967.

He then married a lady called Frances.

I have two sons and we have no photos or information about their father’s family. We are just looking for any information or photos or any details of Peggy’s family. We are not necessarily in need of any contact if it is not wanted. Just some photos of their fathers family would be great. Their father could never tell them much and now this is their only hope.

I hope you can help, thanks!

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  • Lynne:

    If you obtain a copy of Stanley and Peggy’s marriage certificate, this will give you the names and occupation of their fathers. Certificates can be purchased on line from
    at a cost of £9.25.

    Below is a fraction of what is readily available online!
    Marriages Jun 1914
    Frederick C Newton married Nellie Stenson
    Aston vol 6d Page Number: 759
    lived at 690 Pershore Road, this was the family home from 1939 until at least 1950.
    In 1911 Frederick was living with his widowed mother Sarah at 1 Back of 31 Conybere St, Birmingham. His occupation was Engineers Tool Maker.
    To confirm Nellie’s parents, you would need the marriage certificate!

    Births Jun 1915
    Frederick A Newton *mmn Stenson
    Aston vol 6d Page Number:1090
    Births Dec 1920
    Leslie J Newton mmn Stenson
    Aston vol 6d Page Number:940
    Births Dec 1922
    Stanley G Newton mmn Stenson
    Aston vol 6d Page Number:781
    (*mmn= mothers maiden name)

    Marriages Dec 1950
    Stanley G Newton married Peggy F Richards
    Birmingham vol 9c Page Number:720

    Marriages Jan-Feb-Mar 1969
    Stanley G Newton married Frances J Hill
    Birmingham vol 9c Page Number:846

    Births Mar 1888
    Frederick Charles Newton Aston 6d 268
    Deaths Jun 1938
    Frederick C Newton aged 50 Birmingham 6d 532

    Marriages Mar 1923
    Samuel Richards married Florence Dyson
    King’s N. vol 6d Page Number:160
    54 Hopstone Road,Weoley Castle 1935-1950,moving to 51 Harborne Lane by 1955

    Births Mar 1928
    Peggy F Richards mmn Dyson
    Birmingham S. vol 6d Page Number:76

    Samuel and Florence had at least 12 children between 1923 and 1942, though at least 2 died very young.

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