Paul writes…

Does anyone know anything about a secret tunnel leading from Kings Norton Church to somewhere in the area of Wythall Lane?  I have a very hazy recollection of this, and have been making enquiries locally with negative results.  An elderly lady I met in the church grounds told me it was an urban myth but I am not so sure?

Any thoughts?

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  • Phil:

    I remember something being in the Mail years ago.

  • Dot:

    When I was young the rumour was that there were tunnels from the old house opposite the Cartland Arms to the Church and also tunnels under the Saracens Head. They were apparently haunted so this lends itself to the urban myth scenario.

  • Adam:

    I found your post as I was just sitting here wondering the same myself and decided to try and find information on Google.

    It could be urban myth BUT years ago probably in the late 80s / early 90s I used to have a friend who lived in the farmhouse on Meadowsweet Avenue in Kings Norton. They were doing some renovations inside and according to my brother and sister who were there at the time, they knocked down part of the chimney breast inside the house and there was an entrance that led to a secret tunnel. Inside the tunnel was an old wooden chair. The tunnel was in disrepair but existed.

    In addition to the above information I recall being taught in school (Primrose Hill) about local history and that a number of tunnels leading from the church existed and were built when people of a certain religion were persecuted and these were escape tunnels if they were raided. I dont know who they were persecuted by as at the time I wasnt interested but now I’m older I am. Maybe some further Google searching will uncover more. I know it is common for old churches to have escape tunnels for this reason. If you find anything more please post a follow up.

  • Paul:

    I am the originator of the question. Thank you for your replies.

    I agree with Adam. During the reformation, all active churches and similar buildings had escape tunnels, and I see no reason why Kings Norton should be the exception.

    The biggest problem in any search for such tunnels is the secrecy in which they were constructed (for obvious reasons).

    Dot mentions two pubs. It is common for such tunnels to lead to large inns which themselves have priest holes. The rumours about ghosts and gremlins were to scare people off… it was a very different world then.
    The tunnels have to run downhill to prevent flooding and I would suggest that anybody who wishes to make a serious search begins looking along the river bank between Pershore Road and Wythall Lane. I am limited to my searches, as I no longer live in the area.

    Any replies or comments welcome.

  • Louise:

    I lived in Cotteridge in the seventies, eighties and nineties, and one of my aquaintances when I was young reported his father being the caretaker of the White House in Lifford Lane.

    I took little notice of this but did sit up when he and my foster brother talked about a tunnel they had found in the lower part of the house. They had explored and ended up in quite a pickle – getting stuck at part of the tunnel caved in. They were of course rescued and the tunnel bricked up.

    It is also reported that there is a raised grave in the church yard not far from the main entrance gate, with inscribed names that are out of sequence. I was always told by different sources that it let out under the canal (where the junction house is) and up to Lifford House. It is also reported that the tunnels were also used for clergy, military and royalty to move from location to location so they didnt have to meet with any of the riff raff (that’s the likes of you and me…)

  • Dave H:

    I lived and still live on Wychall Lane and I remember a tunnel at the churchyard. A part of the pavement had collapsed outside the entrance to the belltower at the church. It was cordoned off and was like this for quite a while if I remember correctly.
    I was told by somebody at the time that the tunnel led to Lifford Hall, which would make sense as its either in a straight line or a little downstream of the Green.
    Me and my mates did think about going down it but it was very narrow and somebody told us that it was blocked off or collapsed at some point further in. A while later somebody concreted it over.
    I’ll go take a look at some point as its been a few years since I went near that part of the graveyard.

  • Fred:

    In the sixties I remember rumours of a tunnel that was in the grounds of the White House and Sturges factory in Lifford Lane

  • Cliff:

    Just been reading, yet again, the letters on the “secret tunnels”? Once again the old brain box switched itself on… it was the letter from “Fred” that made the trigger?

    If you make a line from Kings Norton Church to the White House / Sturges it may just pass through the area of Kings Norton Park, just below the library?

    When construction of an area Command Centre took place before WW2, some short distance from the ‘gate’ on Pershore Road South, there was the same sort of rumour during the excavations for the underground bunker…

    I only went into the bunker about twice during the conflict, but I do recall the ghost stories. I am surprised no one has mentioned the bunker before now…?

  • Russ:

    It’s true, there is / was a tunnel at Lifford House.
    As kids a mate of mine lived there with his family we used to go into the tunnel through a secret door in the down stairs room behind a pay phone.
    It was an escape route from Kings Norton church.

  • Terry:

    It may be more than a myth as there is a road off Lifford Lane called – wait for it – Tunnel lane. Surely they wouldn’t name the lane purely on hearsay…

  • Tony:

    The old lady you met was correct – it is a myth.
    If there had been a tunnel it would have been found when the canal was dug. Plus Tunnel Lane was used when the tunnel was built in the 1800s.

  • Mart:

    Hi Cliff and everyone,

    Just reading your post, where was the bunker area command at?
    And what gate are you referring to on the Pershore Road South?
    Stuge’s on the Lifford Lane was originally run and owned by Quakers in the 1700s I think.
    I was also under the impression that there was a tunnel that came out at Lifford Hall from the church on the green.

  • Mart:

    Hi Cliff and everyone,
    Cliff when you mention about command centre, where and what do you mean
    Also you mention something about the gates on the Pershore Road, where are they?
    Any information would be great

  • Louise:

    I went to school in Bearwood and I was given a project to do on the area I lived in. At the time I lived in Sherston Covert, Kings Norton, so I did my project on Kings Norton. My mom and her brothers and sisters told me to go to Birmingham Libary as they have books on Bells Farm.
    I found out that a lot of black magic was carried out in certain houses in the area. The word ‘covert’ comes from the word coven which means a series of tunnels underground.
    Some people in the area said the tunnels were used as escape routes by the people that practiced black magic, to get away from the druids that lived at the top of Bells Lane.
    Appaerently in one of the farms at the top of Bells Lane there is still a stake where they burned the people who practised the bad arts.
    Kings Norton libary have some great photos of Kings Norton, Cotteridge and the Green. It used to be the top floor of Birmingham libary where you could read two of the three books wrote by the farmer who lived in Bells Farm. I’d go and have a look they are really interesting.
    Let me know what you find. I got an A for my project.

  • Russ:

    Hello! There was a tunnel, I’m telling you, from Lifford Hall. Any more info, let me know!

  • Lainey:

    Hi everyone,

    Have just been reading your comments, with great interest.
    Finally there is someone else who remembers the black magic rumour at the old farm house on Bells Lane. In 1980 a witches circle was discovered in the lower part of the house. At the time the police had cordoned the area off. A friend and I managed to get in without the police seeing us (we were pretty feral in those days). And yes there WAS a full witches circle on the floor approx one metre wide. It was very faded in areas but there was no mistake as to what it was. The farm house was very delapidated and had fire damage on the top floor. Needless to say we weren’t there long as it was pretty scary.
    Hope this has shone some light on the rumour of the black magic. Unfortunately I have no info on the tunnels in the area, but will be investigating also.

    PS. If anyone else remembers this, please post a message.

  • Rob:

    I have been reading all of your comments with great interest. I grew up in Laurel rd Cotteridge during the 1970s, 80s and 90s with my three older sisters. I now live in Danzey grove off Tunnel lane.
    My second eldest sister Helen attended a children’s party at Lifford Hall (The White House) back in the 70s. She did say that there was supposed to be a Tunnel from the church at Kings Norton to the Hall. A well known local story I believe.
    I do remember an article in the local paper in the 80s or 90s about workmen finding a tunnel in the church grounds.
    Also my sister told me of a ghost that was seen in a rocking chair at the Hall. Cigarette smoke could also be seen from the chair.
    Another ghost story around Cotteridge happened in Kings Norton Cycles Toy shop (now Blockbuster). My eldest sister Wendy Mason worked there for a short time. The other shop workers would send her upstairs to fetch stock etc. Apparently they wouldn’t go up there at all. One day my sister was upstairs when she heard footsteps climbing the stairs. Being a bit of a joker my sister jumped out and shouted ‘Boo’ as they neared the top. There was nobody there. She ran down the stairs frightened. I have spoke to the staff about this story. They do not go upstairs as the stairs has been blocked off.

  • Jenny:

    I was born in Baldwin Road in King’s Norton, and my great grandmother and her family lived in Cotteridge Road.
    There was rumoured to be evidence of the tunnel from the church found when I was small, and workmen were putting pipes in the waste ground next to the first of the houses in Baldwin Road.
    Unfortunately I was too young to understand the full story but can recall my mother and godmother (the lady next door) talking in detail about what had been found. This was in 1954/55.

  • Kevin:

    There was a tunnel from Greenshore Close to the church. Also there was an old building up by Green Acres which also had a tunnel. I lived on Primrose Hill in the 1970s and when they build Hawksley they found a witches coven with black magic circle. This appeared in the Mail.

  • Darren:

    I grew up on baldwin road from about 1967, and remember all the stories of the tunnels.
    From what I remember they started at the church and lead to a number of different locations. As kids we looked everywhere, even went up the old sewerage pipes in the park, we always believed one of the old graves led to a tunnel, but were told it had been sealed.
    Kings Norton has some great old tales and history. I left in 2006 to live in Australia, but I still think of the great years I had there growing up.

  • Author:

    I am the originator of the ‘Tunnels’ question. Way back in May 2010. I am also the originator of the ‘High House’ thread.

    This is the first time I have returned to this site for months, and I have to say that I am pleased with the memories it has aided.

    On balance, there seems to be a concensus that at least one tunnel was made… towards the Lifford area.

    Although this is not absolute proof of their existence, the similarity between comments would indicate a strong possibility that the tunnels are NOT a myth.

    Whilst I believe the reports of the Lifford tunnel, it is the tunnel running in the opposite direction that interests me.

    I admit that that I am getting on in years, and memory can play tricks, but humour me for a while…

    I remember, without doubt, a large outlet opposite the junction of Wychall Lane and Westhill Road. The oulet lay on the edge of Kings Norton Park and was visible from the road. A concrete buttress has been erected and the entrance to the outlet closed by welded steel bars.
    This served, as I remember, no obvious purpose. It has nothing to do with drainage or the river. There was no channeling leading from the outlet. This, I suspect, was the exit from the tunnel. The council had blocked it off to prevent young boys exploring it.

    As an exercise… draw a line on the map from the above junction to Kings Norton Church. Extend the line towards Lifford Lane. If any of the reported sightings lie on this extended line, then it supports my theory that there is one continuous tunnel from the Lifford area to Wychall Lane.

    Remember… at that time, there were no roads and no houses.

    I was interested to learn of the witchcraft, ghosts and other paranormal connections. I knew nothing of this, and it sounds quite interesting. It may be of interest to my fellow researchers that the path leading from The Green, alongside the church to Westhill Road was once known as the Ghost-Path, and people were reluctant to use it after dark.

    Any other comments welcome. Keep digging (not literally… it’s dangerous.

  • Paul:

    I remember reading it in the Evening Mail after my friend (Philip O’Driscol) told me his brother was on the front page of the Mail after finding the tunnel. His brother was the grave digger for a while but I can’t remember his first name. It said in the Mail that it went from the church to Lifford Hall. I remember it very well.

  • Karen Wade (McKeever):

    Are you sure that it wasn’t the canal tunnel, that starts in Kings Norton and finishes in Wythal? I think it also collapsed at one point too, they used to take the horses up for watering and “leggit” through the tunnel.

  • Rob:

    I remember stories of a tunnel, and also learning about it when I was at Kings Norton Primary school in the 70s and early 80s. Later when I was older, some rennovation work was done to the church path, which leads from the church main entrance to the Green, and I believe a tunnel was indeed uncovered.

    This tunnel led apparently across the Green, and to Masshouse Lane… which makes sense, because it was indeed used by persecuted followers of the ‘wrong religion’ in the days of the Catholic and Protestant problems.

    The Masshouse has long been pulled down, but one of the houses on the right hand side as you go up from the traffic roundabout still has a plaque on the wall, I believe, telling where the Masshouse once stood. It is to this house that we learned the tunnel went.

    I believe it is true, not a myth at all… but has mostly been filled in with building work etc.


  • Neil Barnett:

    Hi everyone, I’ve found this thread by accident when looking for something else (which I’ll come on to). Born in 1954 I spent my first 16 years living in Lindsworth Rd, Kings Norton. I remember well the rumours about the tunnel and it was talked about at both St Nic’s Church on the Green and my cub and scouts group. Nobody actually sought out the tunnel or any signs of it, but I remember that people were certain it existed at one time.

    Anyway what I was actually searching the net for was something that some of you might remember. In the early 60s they were dredging the canal at Lifford between Lifford Lane and the canal junction by Kings Norton Park, and they accidently lifted and removed a massive plug which they didn’t know was there because it wasn’t mentioned on any of the plans they had from when the canal was built.

    This resulted in the water draining from the canal and flooding the valley and the river below. I seem to remember that Lifford Hall was at least partly flooded but it wasn’t deep enough to reach Sturges factory.

    Can anybody remember it and is there anything anywhere on the internet about it?

  • Steve:

    Came across this thread searching for information on the supposed tunnel. Just to clarify, Tunnel Lane is named after Kings Norton Tunnel (now Brandwood Tunnel) on the Stratford Canal, which starts just east of the end of Tunnel Lane. This tunnel comes out just beyond Monyhull Hall Road.

  • Mandy:

    There are tunnels from Kings Norton to Birmingham City Courts etc, they were for people like Winston Churchill who had a summer house on Haunch Lane, Kings Heath, that still stands now as a nursery.

  • Paul:

    I can 100% confirm that there was a tunnel behind the payphone in Lifford House, as myself (Paul Bushell), Micky Mannion and John Barker (the son of the caretaker of Lifford House) walked down the stairs into the tunnel, before our “bottle” went and we all legged it back up the stairs and shut the door.
    Their has also been a Uni of Brum Archaeological survey carried out on the tunnels around Lifford Hall, but can’t remember the link to find the results – sorry.

  • James:

    I sort of stumbled across this thread but was quite taken aback that nobody had mentioned the direction that I always thought the tunnel went.
    I grew up minutes from the church and my parents still live by the green and spent all my time playing in the parks and churchyard, I had heard about the stories of secret tunnels and must admit that the most popular idea seemed to be that a tunnel ran through the playing fields and along the route of what is now the canal to Lifford Hall.
    BUT…. As a child (mid eighties) my grandad showed me where there wast an entrance to a tunnel in the churchyard many years ago. Of course i asked him what it was for and he said (and I remember this exactly) “nothing interesting, it just goes down the hill over there, through the fields where the horses are and comes out by that pond but they filled the other end up years ago”. I know that he meant Merecroft pool and he said it as if everybody knew about it.

  • Emma:

    I too played in Lifford Hall as a kid when it was empty for a while in 87/88! Me and my friends dressed up in old fashioned dresses and put talc on our faces and when people walked past outside we’d come out and try to scare them. We too found a door under the staircase and went down to investigate and it was a tunnel… very echoey and pitch black. We got petrified down there. I also found an old black ball and chain which was too heavy to lift so I dragged it home and by that time someone had reported us being in the old house to the police so they followed the trail of the ball to my home and confiscated it from me and told me not to go there again!
    We did of course as I was fascinated with the place and I still drive there now at night with my kids and tell them the stories as I only live 5 mins away by the canal.
    I’m in fact fascinated with the whole area as I’ve lived here most of my life so I’m always researching as far back as I can!

  • Charlotte:

    There is at least one tunnel under the old farmhouse in Hawksley (Meadowsweet Avenue). I was friends with the daughters of the family who lived there in the early 1990s.
    I used to stay overnight on occasions at weekends (I lived at the back and we all just used to jump over the fence to see each other). Their mum banged on the old tiled kitchen floor with an upturned broom. You could hear the hollow then solid sound either side.
    It seemed to start at the fireplace in the kitchen (which backed onto the fireplace in ‘the room on the left’ Edward mentioned. At this time this was used as the family’s living room (no mention of pentagrams then though).
    The mum said she believed it led to St Nicholas church, though that is a good half a mile away so I don’t know if that is true. However you could certainly hear the hollow sound in a line going from the fire place, along the kitchen floor and towards the exterior wall by the back stairs in the kitchen.

  • Ste:

    Hi have really enjoyed reading all your local knowledge, I used to go to Bells Farm youth club as a child, and we was always in the farm house doing activities exploring.
    There was a tunnel from a staircase from the Bells Farm house to Kings Norton church on the green I believe, seen the entrance with my own two eyes lol.
    I was told it was used when the roundheads and cavaliers were at war? Peter from Maypole Centre or Tony may be able to give you more information. Enjoy!

  • Lynne North:

    Very interested in everyone’s stories about the secret tunnels in Kings Norton. Especially interested in what Russ, Neil Barnett and Paul had to say about Lifford Hall because I lived there from 1958 to 1964. Yes there was access to a tunnel behind the payphone kiosk. I did not venture further than the bottom of the steps but my father did. I recall him telling that the tunnel was blocked under the weeping ash tree that grew in front of the house. With reference to the house flooding in the early 60s I was living there when that happened. It occurred during a heavy rainstorm and I assumed that was the sole cause. I recall media interest. There were either reporters or cameras at the front gate while we were trapped on the first floor of the house. My father was making a pot of tea at the time and responded by waving the teapot through the window. If it was local press there may be something in the archives. After the water subsided there was obviously a major cleanup required.As caretaker one of my fathers duties was to was to feed the solid fuel boiler. This was fed with coke, one ton of which was delivered a day or so before the flood. The back of the house was lower than the front entrance and there were steps up to a terrace. Below the terrace was the coke delivery and the garage where my father kept his car. Consequently, the coke disappeared & the water was over the top of the car. As it had floated away coke was being found all over the grounds of the house for many months. At the time Lifford Hall belonged to Sturges and was the site of their canteen and social club.

  • Brummie:

    It’s true and not a myth there are tunnels under kings Norton running from the church too the canals.IIt’s to do when the priests used to run and escape from the church. Due to being Catholic. It happened in the olden times.

  • Brian:

    Hi, I remember the secret tunnel at the white house in Lifford Lane. Back in the late 70s, early 80s, myself and my brothers used too be friends with, John Barker, and his family who used to be the caretakers of Lifford Hall, or the Whitehouse as it was known. I remember the pay phone down stairs, with the secret door that led to the secret passage.

  • Janet:

    My family farmed Bells Farm from 1904 to 1917 (they were the Amott family) and neither my Grand Parents nor my mother (who was born at Bells Farm) ever mentioned a secret tunnel and I am sure they would if they had known of one. My Grand Mother loved an intriguing story.

  • Phil:

    Hi anymore info on witchcraft or ghosts in Kings Norton more Hawksley way as my grandad told me a story of when the estate was first built an they built a house but had to pull back down as it was haunted, and secrity dogs an a vicar could not get rid of what was there.

  • Ade Walker:

    We played in Kings Norton for all our childhood. I never heard stories of the tunnel. I grew up in the 80s and was a permanent fixture on The Green. The churchyard was brilliant, especially at night. What a great find this page was!

  • Zoe:

    Hi, I have just come across this page and find it really interesting.
    I moved to Grange Farm Drive Kings Norton about 7 years ago and have been trying to find some history on our street for a while.
    Do any of you know when the houses / flats were first built in the street and do you have any history on the street like things happening etc.
    I have searched the internet but can’t find anything.

    Thank you

  • Jumbo:

    Hi folks. I grew up on Pool Farm Estate from the early fifties onwards. I can remember tales of tunnels from the church or The Saracens Head heading across the playing fields towards the canal and onwards but never heard of any evidence being discovered.

    Kings Norton has always been an important place even from the time before the Doomsday Book. A major road junction, just look at the way Parsons Hill has been eroded into the landscape. The clay quarry dug to provide material for bricks for Brum. The work to dig a tunnel would have been a major undertaking producing large amounts of spoil, requiring a skill set unavailable until relatively recently, let alone lighting for the workers without asphyxiating them etc. Priest holes required intricate hidey holes some relatively large so why the need to dig tunnels of that distance? The civil war passed through the area relatively quickly which again questions the need for such tunnels. Having said all that Kings Norton is not the only parish with claims of secret tunnels and so forth.

    Wasthills canal tunnel was excavated by linking several vertical shafts dug along the projected line of the tunnel, with two gangs heading off in opposite directions with the hoped for aim of meeting up with similar gangs. The waste mounds could still be seen up the top of Primrose Hill over two hundred years later as our school (Masshouse Sec Mod) had our cross country course over them, and I assume they are still there. Some of these shafts were subsequently filled in once the tunnel’s brick lining was in place. Sadly not all these shafts were shown on subsequent maps and during renovation during the late seventies or early eighties one of these shafts collapsed killing three workers.

    I used to deliver papers as a kid for “Jones and Dyde” who had a very small shop on the corner of Masshouse Lane and Redditch Road that was originally a chapel and had a really early date plaque above the door, this was demolished a long time ago as part of a road widening scheme.

    Wouldn’t it be great though if these “Church” tunnels did in fact exist and were all linked up? This thread has brought back great memories of a free and happy childhood spent exploring the park and surrounding area, of fishing the cut and Lifford Reservior, and the warm water discharge from behind Sturges by the swing bridge, playing football until it was dark and on and on!. Thanks

  • June Hobbis (Holden):

    My mom’s family have lived in Kings Norton as far back as 1791 and she can remember her dad Wallace Arthur Hobbis saying when he lived at Masshouse Farm that there was a tunnel from the farm to Kings Norton church, and was said this was for the monks to escape from the church.

  • Nicholas Duffy:

    As with a number of people (gleaned from the related posts above) I only came across this page purely by accident….. but have really enjoyed working my way through the comments!! I’ve heard of many mysterious tunnels associated with old, parish churches all over the country and – while a lot are certainly little but folklore – I’m sure a great many do indeed have a factual basis….. of some kind!?

  • Nicholas Duffy:

    And please….. please….. please….. more information on local ghosts and the witchcraft / magic angle!! This is RIGHT up my street!!!

  • Norman:

    Hi just found this site whilst looking for something else and found the story of Lyn North interesting because I married one of the caretaker’s daughters from Lifford Hall and her name was Barker, the caretaker’s name was Maurice and they lived there from when my wife was 9 or 10 and she was born in 1951, I remember the flood that Lyn is talking about as I was there watching the Firemen carry one of the daughters through the flood water (Mandy Barker) her picture was in the Birmingham Mail.
    The stories about all the tunnels are true as Maurice Barker went down some of the entrances, the one from behind the phone kiosk is infact blocked in but just as you go down the steps to this tunnel the room opens out and there are what looks like stone benches around the walls. Also I know that Maurice went down one of the tunnels which runs along the side of the reservoir and comes out at the bottom of Brandwood Park Road by the church on the bend but it has steel bars on it .
    So yes there are tunnels but I only know what others have said about them going to the church and don’t know if that part is true or false but I can confirm that the last caretaker was Maurice Barker so I think there has been a mistake about dates from Lyn North possibly.

  • Nikki Hemming:

    I lived on Sheringham Road in the 70s and 80 and went to Broad Meadow School on the corner of Monyhull Hall Rd and Bells Lane. Our school’s playing fields kind of backed onto the Bells Farm area and I always remember the large burnt out house that stood like that for many years. As children, we always talked about witches and spirits trying to come through the fence from the old house lol! I remember the Lifford House tunnel too. At the bottom of Sheringham Rd was an entrance to what we used to call ‘the fields’ but was really just a strip of unkempt land next to the canal along which you could access the reservoir and the area by Lifford House. It was a great place for kids to play – dens, ponds etc. It’s great reading all these posts!

  • Jenny W:

    I was told back in 1970 by my grandad who was born in Wythall told me that there was a tunnel that ran from Hounfsfield Farm cellar to St Mary’s church and onto Kings Norton Church. Monks moved spirits through them. I’ve also heard witchcraft stories??? Would love to know if anyone else has heard this.

  • Lynne North:

    Hi Norman, my dad,George Robinson, was caretaker at Lifford Hall from 1958 until 1964 and we lived there at that time. We seem to have a conflict on dates as I don’t recall sharing with another family. When I first read your post I assumed that the Barkers were the family at Lifford before us. I then thought they were there after we left in ’64 but the dates don’t work with the age your wife was at the time. Your reports of the flood being covered by the Birmingham mail gives you the opportunity to check the date. Having reread your post I see that you state that Mr Barker was the last caretaker so that would be after we left. I definitely have my dates right as I was born in November 1949 and was eight when we moved to Lifford and fourteen when we left. Your reference to the flood which occurred while your wife’s family lived there implies that it happened more than once. If that was the case could that be why the building ceased to be used by Sturges? No one was rescued from the flood we experienced but a lot of damage was done to the ground floor. If it happened again there could well have been financial issues, with or without insurance if they had claimed previously. I will be very interested to see the results of any further research you are able to do, Norman.

  • I lived in King’s Norton in the 70s and 80s. My dad used to work at Sturges and he told me there were tunnels underground from there to the church at The Green. He said that the monks were massacred there and that you could still see some knife marks in the walls.
    There were some strange goings on there and my dad started taking a bible to work with him. They used to go down the tunnels and he said no-one would go on their own down there and they went in twos.
    People used to visit the area and say they saw ghosts and it always seemed to be the ghost of a monk or the lady in white!
    My friend used to live at the white house and in our teens we all went down there to go to her house. There was a new girl who had started hanging round with us and she used to have some psychic powers and she absolutely refused to go in the grounds when we got there. She said she could feel bad vibes. She freaked me out!

  • Ronnie:

    I was born in Kings Norton in 1954 and lived in Wharf Road. If you go to the factory centre of Pershore Rd next to River Rea if you dig into the bank you will find old air shelters, near where the river goes under the canal, and the tunnel in St Nicholas church was found when the old school and Saracens Head was renovated. Also Kings Norton had a workhouse also when the men doing the old farm of Meadowsweet Road Hawkesbury it is rumoured that the barn had been used by persons involved in practising in witchcraft.

  • Larissa:

    My grandparents used to tell me about a secret tunnel in Kings Norton. My family… the Cartlands had a crypt in the church and apparently there was a tunnel from this family grave I cannot remember where to but the Cartlands have quite a big tie to Kings Norton. The Cartland pub, the Red Lion, Cartland Road, there’s a lot of family history if you have any info I would love to hear it.

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