I was at Cotteridge School from 1962 – 67 and remember it just as if it was yesterday. Sounds corny doesn’t it, and that’s what our parents used to say, thinking about something from the past. But it´s absolutely true. I remember the children who shared more or less the same experiences, from the first day in Miss Self`s class, to leaving the school after the 11 plus and Mr Pebworth as the headmaster.

Some of the children I remember:

  • Jeffrey Watson (went to his birthday party, he lived on the Pershore Road, just down from the school)
  • Teresa Hastings and Heather Wilson (I think some of the boys were a bit scared of them, they could pack a punch)
  • Anita Clamp (my first love, emigrated to Canada andI never saw her again, her father was a policeman I think)
  • Anita Harris (always smiling)
  • Hetty Sturge (a quiet little black girl, with a religious family)
  • Colin Pedley (my best friend but we lost contact after we came in different classes at our next school)
  • Robert Waldron (his father owned a shop just over the road on the corner of Francis Road, it had all sorts of things in there, both new and old)
  • Then there were the Cotton twins, Robert Wagstaff, John Baldwin, “Nobby” Clark (of course) Later when I became a soldier i served in the same Regiment as his cousin and we could share some memories.

I really missed Cotteridge, both the ups and downs, I remember getting a smack on the legs by Miss Reed, for talking in class, but I really liked her and was sad when she died of cancer not long after. Of course there was the infamous Miss Smith, when I look back on those days, I don´t think she meant to be as mean as she seemed, I think she was just a product of an old fashioned type of teaching. She thought she could control us better by fear then kindness. I must admit no one dared to say anything when she was teaching, pity it was maths (my worst subject).

Well after years in the army I have settled down in Denmark and I have a son who is 14 years old. It is interesting to compare my son’s school life to my own and I wonder if he will think about his school in the same way we others think about Cotteridge.

Philip Haynes, Holstebro, Denmark
Used to live at 171 Lifford Lane
June 2003

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  • Emma:

    What a lovely story. I live in Cotteridge on the Pershore Rd and my children all go to Cotteridge School; I hope they too have some fond memories to share when they grow up.
    Maybe you should try looking on Facebook for some of your old school friends, everyone’s on there these days.

  • Christine:

    Do you remember a girl called Tess (Mary Teresa Johnson) she was born in 1945 and went to Shenley Fields Cottage Homes after her mother Gladys died. Her brothers are desperate to find her.

    Regards Christine

  • Ronald Priest:

    I attended Cotteridge school in the sixties.I remember the Cotton twins, Teresa Hastings and Johnny Baldwin. Miss Smith was a very dedicated teacher, I have happy memories of that school. As I recall Mr Dandy was our caretaker, he was a lovely person. I am a twin myself,can anyone remember the Priest twins. My name is Ronald Priest my twin is Philip,we later went onto Selly Oak boys secondary school.

  • Rachel Wasteney:

    Geoff from pershore road was Geoff Wasteney? He had brothers called carl and lee? Lee was my dad x I also know johnny Baldwin he remaind good friends with my dad up until he passed away

  • Gill Davis:

    I was at Cotteridge school during the war years.I remember the dedicated teachers Miss Ford In the Infants and the junior school with Miss Powell a dedicated teacher who taught us to appreciate wonderful English liiterature. every Friday afternoon she would read a passage from one of the Classics. do you remember Mr. Brooking . i was in the class with Doreen Hill. Pat Smith. Ron. Wyborne. David Maloney. Janet Hickman. IMy e. Mail address is gilliandavis33@icloud.com would love to hear from any others from that class. I left went to George Dixon Gram. school in Edgbaston. Robert Marshall left at the same time he went to Kings Norton Boys. Selly Oak Rd.

  • Cheryl:

    I went to cotteridge from 65 to 68 when we moved, Miss Smith stays in my memory. I was Bretherick a lived in the police Houses.

  • Jeff:

    I went to cotteridge primary school from 1960 – 1964
    Miss Smith everyone was scared of. Mr Hullet (?) used to bring eggs to school for the other teachers. Only time I saw the headteacher was when I swung another child round in the playground and dislocated one of their shoulders! Went from there to Shelly Oak Boys school which was another kettle of fish entirely !

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