John e-mails to say:

I had a uncle Charles Jones who was a tram driver on the Pershore Road. I remember the tale that he was involved with a over-turned tram. Looking at the 1930 to 1940 memories a phantom tram flew down Breedon Hill, came off the rails,slid down as far as Fordhouse Lane.

Does anyone have any more details? If so, please leave a comment below or get in touch!

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  • Dot:

    Dad was on home guard duty that night, so it would have to have been before 1942 when he was old enough to join up. He told the tale many times. It was apparently empty and the driver at the Cotteridge terminus had not put the brake on properly.

  • Nick:

    I have just started reading the book “Outer Circle”, the story of Birmingham Bus Route No.11, which refers to a runaway tram accident on page 36 of the book that took place on October 26th 1942.

    Your phrase about “a phantom tram flew down Breedon Hill, came off the rails, slid down as far as Fordhouse Lane” is mirrored in “Outer Circle”. The tram, parked overnight at Cotteridge depot, ran away because the handbrake had been left off and the air brakes leaked so the tram would have been unoccupied hence the “phantom” impression.

    I had hoped to find on the web a local paper article about this incident but have had no luck.

    Kind regards

    Nick Vince

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