Graham writes:

Hi, love the site. I was born and raised in Birmingham. Lived in Ashmore Rd for over 20 years,

I just wondered if you had any photos or info on Roger Page’s cycle shop. I loved this shop when I was growing up and in my early cycling days. I’m now a father and wanted too show my children , what and who kick started my passion for cycling.

Any info would be gratefully received.

Thank you!

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  • Mary Page:

    Hi this was my dad’s shop not sure if we have any photos in the family what would you like to know?

  • Derek:

    Try “Northfield Past” on Facebook, there is loads of info there, just ask.
    They cover Northfield, Cotteridge, Kings Norton, Longbridge.!/groups/northfieldpast/

  • Graham Poole:

    Hi Mary, thank for getting back to me. I just wanted a photo of the shop to show my children where I used to go to buy my early bikes.
    I loved your Dads shop, spent many hours in there looking at the bikes and buying spares etc…
    He was a very nice bloke to talk too and always had time for people. He was a great man and a great cyclist, I’m very sorry to hear of his death.
    Kind regards,

  • Graham:

    Thanks Derek for the information. I’ve just joined their Facebook group.
    Kind regards, Graham

  • Mark Paterson:

    Hi Graham,

    I have a Roger Page bicycle. Bought from my flatmate about 25 years ago, and he bought it about 5 years before that… so about 1982.

    It has Reynolds 531 tubing and all the original components. The frame is all branded “Roger Page” but I don’t know whether he was the actual builder or branded other’s frames. Really needs a complete strip down and rebuild. However I have just done the “Round the Island” Isle of Wight ride (100kms)on it. It did better than I did!

    I was thinking about a rebuild.. which caused me to google “Roger Page” and trip over your post. Let me know if you would like a picture or any further info. Or let me know if you fancy taking it on a as a project.


  • Graham:

    Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to me. A photo would be great thanks. I’m not too sure if they where his bikes or branded myself, but I remember my neighbor had one (Kevin Hands). They were truly lovely bikes. I was always envious. Thanks again Mark for getting back to me. Regards, Graham

  • Kirsten Bradford (Nee Tilston):

    I remember this shop. I also, remember Mary very well too ! Going off the subject here a little, but, Mary please get in touch. I have looked for you on different social sites over the years. Be good to catch up. Hope all is well ! x

  • Graham Poole:

    Hi Kirsten, thanks for taking time to comment. Hope you can get in touch with Mary. I’ve messaged her back on here, but don’t think that she has been on again since my original post.

  • Sue:

    Hello, I am Roger’s eldest daughter and from memory the bikes were branded “Roger Page” rather than being built/designed by him but I can check with Mom and my middle sister Debra who worked in the shop for a time.

    I don’t know of any photos of the shop when it was Dad’s but have a lot of photos etc to go through so will come back if I find anything which might be of interest to you.

    And thanks for taking an interest, means a lot 🙂

  • Sue:

    Would also love to see/have a pic of the “Roger Page” branded bike please 🙂

  • Graham:

    Cheers Sue, sorry haven’t been on here for ages with work . Im still trying to find photos myself. Would be nice to find them . Not sure about the branded bikes, I do however remember seeing his name on some of the bikes and I would truly love to get my hands on one of them and restore it.

  • Dave Hale:

    Hi Rogers Bikes were branded I cant remember who made them possibly several people, He was in the Saracen RC at the time which was when I knew him somebody in the club might have a photo We went on the Falcon training camps together in Majorca on one occasion a few of the guys were doing ‘bike tricks’ around the hotel Roger hopped on his bike jumped it up 3ft on to a concrete balustrade (3″ wide) and cycled the length of it over 30ft long then bounced off the other end, the drop on the other side was over 10ft, on another occasion we were in a bar when a drunk american came over to tell us we would never be any good I remember Roger saying that he didn’t carry his medals with him so much more he could have said but didnt!

  • Darran:

    Hi, just been out on my Roger Page bike which I purchased from Roger. Reynolds SMS and mavic gl330 to name a few components.
    Spent many a time in his shop

  • Maggie Freeman (shepherd):

    Hi Sue I used to go to school with your middle sister Debra I remember your dad well .. I am on Facebook if Debra would like to get in touch : Regards Maggie

  • adam lingard:

    I too bought a roger page bike in 1983. Reynolds sms frame, Roger name on it. Shimano 600ex throughout. Purple colour. He helped me spec it eyc. About £450 at the time which was a lot for mr. Amazing bike. Great shop. Great man

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