Tony and the Friends of Cotteridge Park are looking for anyone who has accurate information on the history of the park, especially the land before the park was created. And was the bird table by the Breedon Road entrance once a war memorial? Any photos, memories or information about the park and events associated with it most welcome. See also their website.

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  • Graham:

    I lived in Ashmore Rd back in the early 70s through to the early 90s. As a kid playing in the park at that time, one of the parkies (park keepers) told us that there used to be a mansion where the bowling green was. I also remember there was also a little building in the dell just to the side of the green, which was unused and eventually demolished, at the end of the 70s. How much truth is in the mansion story I dont know, but its a possibility.
    There was also a band stand which was also knocked down in the 80s close to where the swings are.
    The park was originally fenced off all the way around with a huge hedge row along side of it.
    Also, we were told that the first dell, by Midland Rd , had an air raid shelter underneath it. I am unsure again about the certainty of that, but as a kid, I remember half way up the steepest slope, there was some kind of a cover (large man hole type). Some time in the late 70s, it was all fenced off and workmen where there for a couple of weeks. It had all changed after that. Hope this is of some use to you.
    Kind regards, Graham

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