John Hornsby has another question:

There are some large boulders in Cotteridge Park. Obviously the triangular shaped formation would have been the original postion, which resulted from the melting of glaciers which reached south to the Lickeys.

The smaller side block adjacent to the main structure may have been added to the formation by the ancients to form a Dolman (ancient way-marker) with roofing stones now gone.

But, does anyone recall the original positions of the other stones in the park near the rail bridge (forming the side of the plinth of a now destroyed memorial), and flat ground level stones around the keepers’ hut?

And do any old stagers remember the boulder on Cadbury’s property visible from trams as they sped past the Hole Lane corner – is it still there?

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  • Mr Tony James:

    To the best of my knowledge all of the rocks were brought from North Wales by ‘the Aragnig glasier’ Little seems to be known otherwise.

  • Mr Tony James:

    Anyone who can give anymore knowledge would be wecomed as the Friends of Cotteridge Park are looking for any interesting info about the park. Thank you.

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