1733 Pershore Road

1733 Pershore Road

I was born at 1773 Pershore Rd. in 1935 and went to Cotteridge Infant & Junior School until 1945 and then to Kings Norton Grammar School for Boys until 1953. I have found the info on Cotteridge very interesting. My father was born at no. 1 Cotteridge Rd. so I learned a lot of history about the area from him. It is very interesting to read what one person feels is important history and to compare it with anothers thoughts.

On reading Mr Fleetwood’s memories I wonder if he remembers running into his house to get what I think was his father’s shotgun when the German bomber came over the school roof, just missing the bell tower, twice, and the pilot had the cheek to wave to us kids standing by Fleetwood’s yard in Breedon Rd. Also the bomber which opened fire on the workers leaving Guest Keen & Nettlefolds, I’m glad to say that he missed all of them to the best of my knowledge.

I also well remember getting told off by our teachers for being late into school because we had been watching the firemen putting out the fire at the wood-yard in Frances Rd. For once the bomber was accurate in only hitting the wood-yard and none of the houses, although if he was aiming for the railway yard then his aim was lousy. I remember watching very early in the war when a bomber was very low over Bournville being shot at with shells bursting all round him and my thought was for the men on board the plane not being able to do anything about their fate, but I soon learned to have different feelings though.

On the subject of carnivals in Cotteridge park, my brother and I both won first prizes in the fancy-dress competitions, a few years apart, but with the same costume, made by my mother. The costume was of John Bull which went down well, but I doubt if many know who he was now.

Tony James
December 2007

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  • Emma:

    Again a fantastic read, I love so much reading about the old history of Cotteridge. I am 35 and have lived around here and Stirchley all my life and love the stories and pictures, they are just fab!

  • Christine:

    I am still searching for Mary Teresa (TESSA) Johnson born in 1945. Her parents were Gladys and Alfred Johnson of Pershore Rd. Gladys died in 1950 and mary and her brothers went into seperate care, Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home. Alfred went on to marry a Connie Stanier. Mary (TESSA) was last seen in 1963 working in the Palm Court Hotel in Moseley. Please can you remember her?

    Regards Christine

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