I attended Cotteridge School from 1962 to 1969. My older brother Colin was in the year above me and my younger brother Keith three years below. We lived at 1 Lifford Cottages in Lifford Lane where our playground was the cut (at the front of the cottages) and the railway (behind us).

Among the teachers I remember were Miss Self, Miss Hudson, Mrs Brooking, Miss Smith, Mrs Meggs, Mrs Rudkin, Miss Wells and Mr Waugh. Our head was Mr Pebworth, but I also remember Mr Hewlett who I think kept pigs. Miss Smith fascinated me as I thought she was at least 100 at the time, andI think I was one of the few children who liked her and enjoyed her class.

Children I remember are Philip Haynes and his brother Tony who lived down the lane from us, Jackie Barker whose family lived at Lifford Hall for a while, Julie Richards who lived at the Breedon Pub for a while, Susan Cope and Wendy Mason whose mom was our crossing warden in the late 60s. We used to get our daily sweet ration from the sweet shop at the top of Francis Road or the shop next to Austin Clissetts just up past the old police station.

Our mother also went to Cotteridge from 1928 to 1937. My mother remembers a teacher named Mr Merryweather and tells me that the girls used to go to a house in Cotteridge to do housework as part of their lessons. Older girls stayed at Cotteridge but the boys went to Stirchley school. After school she worked at the paper mill by the canal, her grandparents, Major and Annie Flavell, owned the chip shop next to the Breedon pub.

We moved to Stirchley in the mid 60s but stayed at Cotteridge School and today the pull is still strong as 17 years ago I moved back up the Hill and now live just round the corner from Lifford Lane where I can see the roof of the house I was born in from my bedroom window.

Julie Bailey (nee Pedley)
October 2007

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  • Robert Waldron:

    Phillip Haynes lives in Denmark after serving in the army, I think that I knew your brother at Selly Oak Boys school Colin Pedley? He was a nice bloke then.

  • Kenny Randall:

    I remember Terry Fisher, Herbert Daly, Martin Hastings, Julie Pedley, Hazell Waugh, Roy Cope, Robert Waldron, Michael Middleham, Brian Derrigton, Margaret Riley.
    I lived in Frances Road and my one true vivid memory was Tony Saunders getting impaled on the metal fence.
    I was only at Cotteridge for three years, does any one remember me?

  • Christine:

    Still searching for Mary Teresa (TESSA) Johnson born 1945. Mary was the daughter of Gladys and Alfred Johnson, sadly Gladys died in 1950 and Mary (TESS) went into Shenley Fields Childrens Home. She attended Tinkers Farm and Cotteridge Schools.

    Regards Christine

  • Tony Sanders:

    Hi Kenny, sorry I don’t remember you but I do have the scar from being impaled, silly boy. I notice the same spikes are still there, still enjoyed my time at Cotteridge though.’

  • Alan Williams:


    I left Cotteridge in 1968 – Tony sanders is my cousin – remember Teresa Hastings (1st kiss) Hazel Wall (1st girl-friend) Gilbert and Herbert Daly, David Garner, Tubby Maddocks, Tommy Forbes, Paul Bliss, Robert Ball, Alan Waterhouse, Johnny Sissons, David Harris,( used to go with him and his dad to the Blues – remember being lifted over the turn-stile) Micheal Carter, the Priest twins – Ronald and Raymond, Martin Hastings, David Coyne, Peter Dubchek ( apologies for spelling) Carl Wastney, the Pedleys, Ettie Sturge ( got knocked-down on crossing on Pershore Rd.) Micheal Cork, Margaret Middleton, ? Westwood – always a good laugh when we used to sing “we 3 kings” at Christmas, Jimmy Butler, Robert Morley, the Hickeys, Colin Eaton, Ian McClelland, the Cotton twins – both went on to represent GB at race-walking, Hazel ? Carroll ?

    Miss Self, Miss Meggs, Miss Smith, Mrs Wells, Mr Pebworth, Mr Waugh, Old man Hewlett ( red face, cherry -red leather shoes which creaked insesently when he walked – think he had a small holding as he was always bringing in eggs for the staff, Mrs Rudkin, Miss Howard – one of the former Heads. Vivid memories of playing in Cotteridge park after school, queues before school outside sweetshop on corner by park (pineapple rock, pineapple chunks) – happy days! Alan Williams

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