I was born on the Pershore Road just up from the Breedon Pub in 1968, and my family moved to Redditch in 1980.

I attended Cotteridge School and captained the football team to the league title with Mr Stone as manager. (The dreaded Miss Richardson was Head Mistress (now deceased I believe)).

My memories of Cotteridge are all good. Playing down the cut, challenging everyone to football matches in the park and running through everyone’s gardens. Our neighbours were the Georges, Lanes, Leas and Bushells.

It was a close community then with many events being held and day trips to place like Blackpool being organised with the help of Kings Norton Ex-Serviceman’s and the Sunday School in Dell Road. (Mr Sturgess and Mr Carr). School friends and neighbours who still might be about were Simon Cartmell, Phillip Ryder, Paul Dutton, Malcolm Lea, Karen and Nicky Masters, the Turnballs, Girlings, Gavins and Pratts.

If anyone remembers a car crashing into the front room of a house (in about 2001), well that was our house. Also does anyone remember the ice cream van overturning outside what was then Wilmott Breedon? The gas leak when everyone had to be evacuated, the silver jubilee in the Sea Cadet hut, the fire in the basement of the house on the corner of Dell and Pershore Road (The Malonies I think?) and someone moving their TV into the middle of the road sitting down and pretending to watch it (smart move) after an argument with his wife!

Terry Smith
June 2004

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  • Neil Conlon:

    Hi Terry, I can remember your family living next door to my Nan and Grandad, the Georges. I was also in your sisters class at Kings Norton Mixed and i also moved to Redditch in 2003.

  • Tony Sanders:

    Hi Kenny sorry i dont remember you,but I do remember Tony’s impalement. In fact I still have the scar!
    I was always climbing something, silly boy!
    Names I remember: Trevor Owen, Gary Bennet, in fact I still have my classroom photo with Miss Self. 1964 I think. Happy days apart from the aforementioned of course!
    Tony Sanders

  • Maria Ball:

    Hi Terry,

    I remember you well. I was in your class at school, and my younger sister, Lisa, was in your brothers’ class.

    I remember the Jubilee, lots of trips to St. Agnes Church for Harvest Festivals and Nativity Services (where I always seemed to be a Shepherd and used to wear a tea towel on my head), the murals on the wall of the playground, and some dodgy tyres?!

    Playing in the park all through the summer holidays, and in the winter, when it snowed, sledging down the hill (on metal trays if you didn’t have a sleigh).

    Very happy memories, I have to say.


    From class I can remember Karen and Nicky Masters, their cousin Jenny, who’s dad had a shop on the Corner of Midland Road and Rowheath Road, Phillip Ryder, Paul Dutton, Karl Shellard, Trevor Wilson, Alexis Brown, and a girl called Denise who had red hair and always had hayfever. And the teachers – Mrs. Wase (her eldest son David was in our class), Mrs. Gwynne, Mrs. Richardson and Madame Crome, the French teacher.

  • Julie Hunt:

    I remember the Smiths and the Lees, I remember when our Suzie got runover, Xmas Day, my mom Pat Moyse (Gavin) knew everyone.

  • Neil Whelan:

    I remember the ice cream van turning over outside the Breedon. I seem to recall it had been really icy on the road and a police man who was directing things on the road almost got run over by another vehicle sliding down the road. I knew the Cartmells, although Simon was a lot younger than us by about 4 years. Also hung around with Calvin Mellard from Dell Road and still lifelong mates with Tony Stylianou. We are meeting up tomorrow as it happens to look around Cotteridge together and it’s now March 2016! I lived with my mom, nan and grandad the Chambers, at 1703 Pershore Rd from 1967 – 1973 with brother Greg and sister Mel. I over back to Rowheath Rd for a couple of years from 1997 and used to take my daughter Rebecca to the park to play and sit on the rocks and watch the trains go by on the bridge. Cotteridge seems to be a magical place to all those who lived there. Very fond memories.

  • Rob Worrall:

    I was at Cotteride J and I from aged 8-11 and I remember a
    quite a few people incl the Masters twins, maria ball, Suzanne (second name escapes me) simon cartmell, Carl Shellard,, Stephen Creavey, Angela Taylor, Debbie Taylor, Bridget, and others. I am mixed race so
    you may recall me but I lived in Fordhouse Lane not so
    Close by the school. I also remember teachers
    Mentioned and
    My favourite was Mrs Megg and Mr Samson. I also remember the milk bottles and getting one smarty for each year of your birthday in Assembly from Mrs Richardson
    And they melted as you were not allowed to eat them until after assembly. Funny times Rob Worrall

  • Amanda Fellows:

    Hi I was recently reminded of a Trevor from my primary days. I went to Cotteridge from 74 to 77 when we moved out of the area. My Mom used to make conker pictures and the like for the school halls. Miss Richardson was a brilliant Headteacher.. I’ve since read her book.. Quite a sad story of her life. I remember the Masters twins well and have a photo of them at my 7th or 8th birthday party! I remember being good friends with Trevor- he had very dark skin and often felt different as it was the seventies and although I was quiet I always looked out for him. My parents adopted a mixed race baby when I was 7.. He’s now 46 lol and I guess I’ve always been aware of cultural issues. Anyway, I wondered if anyone knew anything about Trevor? I don’t suppose anyone remembers me either as I was only there for a couple of years and like I said, I was quiet back then.. We lived in Pitcairn Close. Can’t believe that was getting on for 59 years ago but still my best school memories ❤️

  • Amanda Fellows:

    50 years!!

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