The Life Boys which met at St. Agnes' Church in the 1950/60s.

The Life Boys, early sixties

Thanks to Mary Thorpe for these, who writes: “the top one features just Reverend Fred Carroll and Miss Jennifer Fryer and the second is about a year later.  Names of the boys (on the first) I can remember are: next to Revd. Carroll is someone Edge, next to Miss Fryer is Paul Cooper, then back row second from the left is Robert Bassett, Stuart Maddocks, Leslie Ormrod, John Betteridge, David Harris, Martin Holeyman, [don’t know], someone Gilman, (don’t know).  Hope someone can  fill in the rest of the names!” 

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The Life Boys, St Agnes Church, early 1960s

The Life Boys, early sixties

Also thanks to Mary for this photo of the Girls’ Life Brigade at St. Agnes Church, sometime in the early 1960s. She writes, “again, I can’t remember names, but those I do remember are from top left, Mary Harris (me!), two sisters, unknown, unknown, Janet Fisher, Jacqueline someone, unknown, then on the front row, unknown, Delia Harris (no relation), Joan Badger, Reverend Fred Carroll, unknown, Anne Fisher. I do hope someone is able to furnish the other names. I continued in the GLB, eventually going to the Company at the Methodist Church until I started helping Joan Badger with the Brownies back at St. Agnes’s in the 1970s”.

Life Girls at St Agnes, early 1960s

Life Girls at St Agnes, early 1960s

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  • John Betteridge:

    In the top picture I am fifth from the left (half hidden by Freddy Carrol) in the middle row, Micky Ward (I think Midland road) is second from right in front row.

  • Paul Cooper:

    In the top picture I am next to Jennifer Fryer with the Kon Tiki shield. Peter Edge is next to Revd Carroll with Norman Ormrod next to him with the Everest shield and next to him is Gerald Lovegrove, also of Midland Rd. On the second row, left of John Betteridge is Malcolm Boyce and Terry Hadley is 4th from the right. Mikey Ward did indeed live in Midland Rd, second house down and had a twin brother called Leslie. Peter, Leslie and Norman Ormrod and Malcolm and I were also in the choir at St Agnes until around 1968.

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