Julia writes…

I am one of many grandchildren of Frank Lawton, who started a business in 1906 of cooked meats and pork pies etc.

This shop was 1833 Pershore Road, Cotteridge.

In 1956 they celebrated its jubilee. The business continued into the early 60s.

I am very anxious to know if anyone has pictures of the shop, as I am in the process of writing about this.

You may even remember the van driven by Harold – pale green with a cream egg shape sign on the sides of the van with writing about Lawton cooked meats.

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  • Derek:

    Try “Northfield Past” on Facebook, there is loads of info there, just ask.
    They cover Northfield, Cotteridge, Kings Norton, Longbridge.

  • Anthony Richards:

    Hi Julia, your cousin Anthony in Australia. I am building up a series of vignettes, notes and memories on my wobble and stagger through life! Most of my early part are now memories with some photos and records. I understand you have put together quite a lot in that period? Anything I can copy or view?
    I remember so much of the shop.. The frightening cellar where much of the tripe, trotters, chicken things, black pudding ( horrible to see it made.. But I still love to eat it!) And Cheeney ( spelling?) even more frightening to me at 5 yrs old!
    If we don’t put this together in a few decades it will be lost in my family
    Any help appreciated

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