Derek Gilbert writes:

I went to Cotteridge school, 1945 – 1951.

I was a milk monitor there and remember distributing the milk when it was frozen and the tops had come off (must be 1947). Teachers I can recall were Miss Smith (strict but no patience with slow learners, hence my writing has always been poor), Mr Hewlet (a short temper, remember him lashing out at Pamela?).

Pupils remembered were Dave Gunter, Bernard Tye (Tyler?), Jean Poorley, Pamela ___?,  Arthur Newman, Dereck Underwood.

Went home to Watford Road via Cotteridge Park or the “Styles” between the houses and the railway. One day going past Ma (Mrs) Ferris’s back entrance, which had a big steel door, some other kids was throwing stones at it and making a din a guy came out siezed me and few more kids. Hauled us before Mrs Ferris.¬†Eventually we were released after a lot of pleading we wasn’t the ones.

Later on her land was compulsory purchased and the police flats were built. This was before Fleetwoods yard was built on.

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