Cliff Fleetwood writes…

Here are some further anecdotes about the Kings Norton Scouts.
With all the current concern about knives and crime recently, in my days with KN Scouts your status was measured by the size of your sheath knife or two, if you were lucky, that you wore on your belt. Sometimes that belt was similar to a “cowboy gunslinger”. Some of the names I still recall besides Wally Watts WW1 veteran, Norman Brown Scout Master and a Crown Court Official, Dennis Hurley Senior Scout who I believe became Head Master at Turves Green School, Keith Newcombe (28 Midland Road), and Geoff Newham.

Keith & I were asked to provide guard of honour for the official opening of THE QE Hospital in March 1939 by HM King George & Queen Elizabeth. When the pomp and circumstance was ended Keith & I decided to sneak off. We had reached half way down Metchley Park Road when we heard the Royal Car(s) coming. Two lonely boy scouts stood at the kerbside at the salute with our staves as the Royal Car swept by. HM Queen Elizabeth gave us two a charming waive. We came down to earth when we tried to get on the No 11 Outer Circle bus as the conductor tried to stop us boarding with our “sticks” as he described them. We had “jobsworths” in those days.

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