Emma writes:
I live on Pershore Rd, just over the Breedon bridge towards Stirchley.
I have read alot of stories of Cotteridge and Stirchley up and down the Pershore Rd but never ever find any stories or pics about these houses (1616-1630) or the old factory site next to these houses by the canal.
If ever you find any it would be great to read them.
I love this site by the way and have sat here for hours per day reading the fantastic stories, brilliant : )

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  • Bob:

    Regarding houses 1616-1630 and old factory on Breedon Hill, the factory was called RJ Hunt Iron Founders. They did all the casting by hand – very hard work. I hope this is helpful for Emma looking for info.

  • Adrian:

    I had a friend who worked at Hunts.
    All I remember from when I was kid was it was very dirty and they worked very hard, I don’t think health and safety was around much then.
    As for the houses, I lived at 1624 pershore road in the 90s. On the left hand side right next to the canal there was a coal place, with proper tunnels where the coal man could wheel the coal straight to the houses. I was told this when I found extra floor boards in the front room. Most of the houses were derelict except ours and the neighbours. They were going to be knocked down to make way for road improvments, which never happened.
    There was a proper paper shop in between Pershore Road and Fordhouse Lane in the late eighties. I used to get my comics from here. The two lady owners knew all their customers very well. The shop changed hands and unfortunatly whent downhill.
    If you go on wwwflickr.com and type Cotteridge or Stirchley in the search bar you will find photos of the area.

  • Emma:

    Hey Adrian… I think I remember you from when we were kids… did you used to live in Beilby Rd flats with your mum? I remember when you lived in the houses too if I’m right… think you had lots of bikes.

  • Adrian:

    Hi Emma, yes it’s me.

    I lived with my mom Judy in the ground floor flat. When she passed away I moved in to 1624 with a close friend of my mom’s. It was a great place to grow up in them days. We had the fields and the river round the back of the flats, and we used to play in the road a lot too. But in them days there was little traffic except the large trucks that went to Hunts.

    I don’t know what I can tell you regarding the houses on the Pershore Road. When I moved there most of them were a mess. I know there was a lady and her daughter lived next door. 1624 was 2 flats. The guy who lived up stairs had a big white mountain sheep dog, he used to take her out in the motorbike and sidecar. He moved away just before I moved in.
    I remember there was a big fire at one of the houses, think it was next door but one.

    The back gardens were a complete mess. they were mainly rubble with grass growing through.

    Do you remember the car transporter that crashed on the bridge? You can still see the new brickwork where it went through the wall.

    I was in Birmingham about 8 months ago and drove past the old houses. It hasn’t changed much there.


  • Stuart:


    I have recently purchased one of these houses, probably the one mentioned above that had the big fire, as my front floorboards were in a terrible burned mess when I lifted the carpet!

    I too would love to know more about the row of houses, why they ended up derelict and why they were never demolished in the end. I must say that despite the neglect I think they really are smashing houses and I am carefully restoring mine back to it’s former glory. The above comment about the gardens is spot on, it’s going to take some graft in the future to get rid of all the rubble and rubbish that’s accumulated over the years!

    Does anyone posses an old photos of the row?

    Cheers, Stu.

  • Adrian:

    Hi Stuart. Just read your post. I will have a look in the loft when I get chance. I may have some photos from 1989/90. They are good solid houses.

    I think only three of the houses were occupied when I lived there.

    Hi Emma. Hope all is good.


  • John Hurlston:

    In the 1950s there used to be a Doctors surgery half way up the hill in the houses. It was owned by a Dr Jacobs and Dr Matlin. By the canal the coal wharf was owned by Lloyds As a child I used to fetch coal from there in a wheelbarrow I remember the chimneys at Huns spiting fire and smoke out when they were casting.

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