Reg writes:

I have been working on Haye House, a private house directly across the road from the old Breedon Bar pub.

Please could you supply any info of this lovely house? The plaque on the exterior of the building reads Haye House 1862.

Many thanks!

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  • Lynne:

    Is it the white house next the plumbing place?

  • Jan Lovesey:

    Haye House was uninhabited in 1871 but in 1881 it was inhabited by a Charles Cheshire age 44, a widower and farmer from Oldbury. He lived there with his two young sons, a niece and a servant.

    By 1891 Charles Cheshire was still there but he was now a Cattle Dealer and had taken a new wife… and it looks like Charles is still there at 1901 although the address at the census is given as 6? Pershore Road (he’s still a Cattle Dealer).

    In its heyday, Haye House looked to be rather a grand house with extensive grounds; you can see this from the map (link below) – Haye House is situated just south-west of the name ‘Breedon Cross’ above the ‘Lodge’.

  • Michelle Cale:

    The Lodge mentioned in Jan Lovesey’s post belonged to Breedon House. Built in the late 1870s by James Baldwin Jnr and still there. Heathcote Rd and Shirley Rd were named for members of the Baldwin family.

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