2014 marks the hundredth anniversary of the start of the first world war.

Does anyone know anything of the honours board in Cotteridge School library, which lists those who fell in the great war?

For example, who funded it, when was it installed, who unveiled it etc.

Any information let us know by posting below or emailing.

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  • David Willis:

    The honours board at Cotteridge Primary actually lists those pupils who fought in the Great War, and not necessarily those who fell. My Grandfather Leonard Willis and his brothers are listed on the board, and amazingly they all survived the conflict. With regard to the origin of the Board, I am unsure, but it should be noted that the Cotteridge Social Club did alot to help veterans of the War in the subsequent years, and may have been involved in the commeration. When I attended Cotteridge in the sixties, from what I remember, the Board was positioned upstairs in the corridor outside Mr Hewitt’s classroom.

    David Willis
    North Dorset

  • David Willis:

    The Board lists those from Cotteridge School who served in the Great War. My Grandfather and his brothers are listed and all survived the conflict

    I believe that it may have been sponsored by the Cotteridge Social Club, which did a lot of good work for veterans after the war.

  • Kathy:

    My great-uncle, Tom Boston, is listed on it. The Boston family lived at 9, Holly Rd. Sydney, Tom’s dad, was a painter/decorator and Emma was his wife. Jack, one of Tom’s brothers, used to push a Co-op bread cart round Cotteridge, which somebody may recall. Alf, another brother worked at Triplex. The 2 brothers lived there until their deaths in the 1990s. Nance, Tom’s sister worked on the munitions World war 1, at GKN (I think).

  • Dave Wood:

    Would there be a list of those who fought in WW I?
    Would you know if there were any listed with the last name of Wood?

  • Jonathan Leonard:

    The board is now located in the upstairs corridor of the Junior building. There is a C. Wood listed on the board.

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