Kevin was born and lived at 1 Laurel Road from 1952 to 1974 and has many happy memories over that period. His Granddad and Grandma, Harry and Flow Pritchard, used to run the corner shop at 32 Cotteridge Road. He writes, “the Grant Arms was in my time always known as a pub but I am trying to find out if it was ever known as the Grant Hotel. The period I am interested in is 1899-1900”. If anybody has any memories of the Grant Arms, contact us.

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  • Reader:

    It’s interesting finding this site today.

    I’ve lived in Cotteridge for last 21 years and my home use to be a corner shop which was known as a Huxter (?) shop near to the Grant Arms.

    I knew the Fire Station used to be situated in Holly Road but didn’t realise we had had a Police Station in Cotteridge – where exactly was it situated? I’m intrigued!

  • Judith:

    Yes the police station used to be situated between the bridge and Cotteridge School. The Police Station was demolished and there are now flats in its place.

  • Sebrina:

    Hello there. Completely off the subject, but I now live in 1 Laurel Road. I’m looking to move house though as this house is very small. Plus the garden is cemented over.

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