Sandie is trying to find details and photos of her grandmother Florence Harrison, who used to drive a team of six horses up and down the Pershore Road delivering milk. Does anyone remember Florence? Leave a comment or get in touch if so.

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  • Rob:

    Hi Sandie. I was born in Laurel Rd, Cotteridge, and the only memory I have is from two elderly brothers that used to live at no.9 Holly Rd, Jack and Alfred Boston.
    They were born in Holly Rd and lived there all of their lives. Jack used to deliver milk by horse and cart for the Co-op. The horses were stabled at the bottom of Holly Rd by the railway embankment. There are a row of garages there now.
    I remember a story he told me once about a horse that got impaled on the railway railings at the bottom of Laurel Rd. Sorry that is all I know. Jack fought during WW2 and both he and his brother worked at the Austin factory in Longbridge thereafter.
    I look in my local WH Smith for new books on local history.

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