David Turner writes…

I am looking for information on the Field family name. My grandmother’s maiden name was Field. She along with my grandfather are buried in Kings Norton church cemetry. The grave is directly in front of a headstone of a Field damily dating back to 1754. Too much of a coincidence?

Is anyone aware if they are directly related? I am aware that the family who lived in “The Moats” (mentioned in the history of Cotteridge) were named Field.

I look forward to hearing from anyone with any information.

PS. Is it possible that the John Felde (family name) mentioned in the court rolls of the Manor of Bromsgrove and Kings Norton from 1494 to 1504 could change over a period of time to “Field”?


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  • Jan Lovesey:

    To find out whether there is a link between your grandmother and the Fields buried behind her, the easiest thing would be to trace you grandmother’s Field ancestors back a few generations.

    If you wish to supply me with any further information, I’ll happily take a look.

    Jan Lovesey

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