I used to live at 1774 Pershore Road behind and above a second hand shop therefore consequently my nickname at school was Steptoe.

The family ran this business from just after the second world war until the late 1990s. In fact one of my dad’s childhood memories was playing cricket across the Pershore Road, imagine that now!

My granddad Frank, started the shop, F E Waldron, and ran it until he died in 1965.

My grandmother Elsie Waldron, (known as Margaret at St Agnes church because she didn’t like her name and so her church friends gave her a name that she liked), was  a dress maker and later lived in Midland Road where she created wedding outfits and dresses for many until she died in the 1980s.

My dad, Reg Waldron, took over the business from until the late 1990s however was tragically murdered in the shop by a guy that needed money for Christmas. It was a pretty unpleasant affair and the guy was arrested by a retired police officer cleaning his soiled clothes in Kings Norton Green laundrette.  So I suppose this is part of a darker side of Cotteridge as this is one of a few incidents in the area.

I like Cotteridge, it has many memories both happy and sad and therefore I still feel apart of the area though have not lived there for many years.

FE Waldron

FE Waldron, around 1945-50

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  • Phil:

    I remember this shop in 70 and 80s, and I think you may have known my brother.

  • Pete Haylor:

    Hi there,
    I remember when you worked at the MEB we worked together for quite a long time: we were based at Kings Rd. Funny to see your story on this site. I remember when your dad was murdered, tragic way to go.
    I still see some of the lads from Kings Rd when they have a reunion.

  • Robert:

    Hi Pete,

    I remember you, the interesting intelligent one!

    Who goes to the reunion?


  • Rex:

    Hi Rob

    It was fantastic to find this picture of Grandad outside the shop – I had never seen it before. He looks just as I remember him. I have so many great memories of sitting behind the counter with him as he chatted to his regular customers. He sold such a variety of things – watches, antiques, musical instruments, coins etc. I remember his sign on the wall behind the counter which read “the more I see of you, the more I love my dog”.

    I often used to stop over with them in the late 50s and early 60s and loved my stays as the shop was such an Aladdin’s Cave. Grandad was a real character and stood for no nonsense off anybody, but was well liked by his customers and would happily chat for hours to those he liked.


  • Christine:

    Hello, I am searching for my friends sister Mary Teresa (Tess) Johnson. Born Birmingham in 1945 she was in Shenley Fields Children’s Home in the 1950s and early 1960s.
    Mary’s mother Gladys, nee Waldron, died in 1950 and all the children went into care. Her father Alfred Johnson went on to marry Connie Stanier, they lived in St Marks St. Gladys and Alfred lived on Pershore Rd in the 1940s.
    Regards, Christine

  • Ann Ellis:

    Hello, we remember Reggie so well. I’d come in the shop with Terry (my step-dad), he was always buying and selling watches… he made a couple of snooker tables for him too and he came to Northfield to pick them up.
    Reg didnt suffer fools gladly but if he liked you, you was ok, he used to have us in the little kitchen at the back of the shop and make us toast!!!
    So tragic what happened, couldn’t believe it…
    So sorry.
    Hope Jane’s doing OK,
    Best regards,
    Ann and Terry xx

  • Robert:

    Hi Ann and Terry,

    Jane is a citizen of Hong Kong (China) and has lived there for many years with husband and a really beautiful daughter.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Andy Pittaway:

    Rob, I was just talking about you, your dad and your dogs just the other day. I lived on Frances Rd, with my brother Richard, we all used to hang around at Midland Car audio with Frank and Tyrone.

    Our group was the Pittaways, Millars, and Styles, and then Alan Thomson too. The day of the tragedy I was getting my haircut at Tony’s. I’ll never forget it. I never saw you again from that day so never got to pass on condolences, your dad was Mr Cool when I was growing up (when the film Snatch came out with the character Brick Top in it, I thought of your dad straight away).

    God bless what ever you are doing now..


  • Tara:

    Does anyone know what shop this is nowadays at The Green?

  • Tricia Hull:

    I used to live over the haberdashery store owned by the Spanish lady, next to the barber shop. I remember the murder so well, such a horrible thing to happen. Loved that shop, it sold all sorts of interesting stuff. Does anyone remember Tony the Barbers surname, I was good friends with his wife Sherrie, but have forgotten their surname.

  • Richard:

    Tara. This shop isn’t on KN green. It’s on Pershore Road, on the right just before Francis Road.

  • Eve Spencer:

    Was the Waldron’s furniture shop in Cotteridge the one with the laughing policeman. I do remember visiting a shop selling second hand furniture and bric a brac as a child and was fascinated by the sight of this model of a jolly policeman.

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