Someone asked me the question, “are any famous people associated with Cotteridge”, and I must admit I couldn’t think of any.

Any celebrities live here, work here, pass through? Anything exciting ever happen here?

Other than an episode of Homes Under The Hammer, I can’t think of much!

Any thoughts? The more obscure the better…

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  • Anthony Dawson:

    Two movies have been filmed around the area. The British “comedy”, ‘Sex Lives of the Potato Men’ (yes, we’ll try and keep that one quiet) had scenes shot outside Sophie’s chippy. Another movie was ‘Clubbed’ which I think had some scenes shot around Franklin Road near the park.

    Apart from that can’t think of anything else, although there are some BBC Midlands Today / Radio WM “faces” living in the area.

  • Robert:

    Simply look at the comments about Roy Edwards on this site, he was “our famous person”

  • Ian Fergus:

    I used to go to Cotteridge Primary, lived in Midland Road and went on to represent GB at the 1992 Paralympics… Not famous but…

  • Donna:

    There was a TV series that did some recordings in Cotteridge Park in the 80s! But cannot remember what it was called. Also I that Nick Rhodes (aka Bates) from Duran Duran visited someone there.

  • Phil:

    Doctors is filmed in the area on a regular basis and I think Boon was shot in the area.

  • Sue Blaymires:

    Several episodes of Crossroads were filmed in a house in Beaumont Road … A house hunting storyline for Janice’s mother. She didn’t buy as I remember, too big to keep clean was the excuse haha.

  • Ade:

    Boon was filmed in cotteridge and surrounding areas as was the film ” I bought a vampire motorcycle. A few episodes of crossroads were filmed at my old school dame Elizabeth Cadbury school. And my mom said Benny ( crossroads) lived in cotteridge

  • Sue W:

    Ian Lavender from Dad’s army (played Pike AKA ‘stupid boy’) came from Cotteridge I think? My Nan was friends with his Mum.

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