Liz contacts us searching for information about the history of her husband’s family. His mother’s maiden name was Sparks (her father was Ernest Sparks). They believe that Ernest Sparks was in partnership with a man named Gill when he started up a light engineering factory in Pershore Road, Selly Park. They think that the factory was in operation until 1950. During the war they produced glass for plane cockpits (?) and after the war produced car parts. There is also a vague connection with the artist Eugenie Margaret Valter; Ernest gave one of his daughters (Peggy) a watercolour painting called “Kennel Companions”, which Liz has recently inherited. Eugenie Valter lived in Upper Pershore Road in 1895 – was there perhaps a connection since the artist lived in the same road as the factory. Anyway any information would be gratefully received – contact us or leave a comment below.

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