Kerensa writes, “I am trying to find details of my great grandfather Ernest Simpson who lived at 65 Holly Road around 1918. He would have been about 30 at this time. His father was John Simpson, and he was a bricklayer by trade. I also believe he had two sisters named Beatrice and Evelyn and brothers George and Harold. I would appreciate if anyone either has any further information regarding them such as mother’s name or has a general information about the family”. Please get in touch or leave a comment if you have anything.

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  • Stan:

    I was friends in the late 1940s with a Wal Simpson of 65 Holly Rd.
    His Father suffered very badly with bronchitis and chest trouble. Wal at that time would have been 17-20. Wal also had an older sister (whose name escapes me at the moment) who was I think part of a group of arcordian players. I drifted off to National Service and lost touch with Wal. He remained round in this area and later he married a Betty Ward (not her maiden name). Sadly Wal is no longer with us.

  • Lynne:

    The parents of Ernest were, John Thomas Simpson (born 1840) and Phoebe Ann (born 1859).
    There was a brother Harold (1894), stepbrother George and four sisters: Annie(1885)Leah Beatrice(1888),Edith(1887) and Evelyn May(1902).

    In 1901 the family lived at Congreve Rd, Kings Norton, moving to Holly Road by 1911.

    Listed at Holly Road in 1911 is a grandaughter to John and Phoebe, Irene Evelyn Simpson born 1909. She is possibly Leah’s daughter, as she is living with Leah and husband Walter Hobbis (married March 1915) at 48 Allens Croft Road in 1930,along with Evelyn May Simpson, Leah’s sister.

    Marriages Jun 1883
    John Simpson W. Bromwich 6b 888
    Phoebe Ann Earle W. Bromwich 6b 888

    Phoebe Ann was previously married to George Earle (March 1876) and her maiden name was Thompson.

    George’s death was registered in September 1881.

    They had a son George in 1877, also named George, who lived with the Simpsons after Phoebe married John.

    Death June 1916:
    Simpson John T 75 Kings N. 6d 50

    Phoebe Ann was listed at Holly Road until her death in 1925.

    Harold was listed on Absent Voters list, service number in 1918 was 183108 Gnr, 42 LBty, RGA and in 1919 183108, Gnr., R.G.A., 42 Siege Bty.

    Death: Mar 1925
    Phoebe A Simpson aged 67 Birmingham S. 6d 35

    Marriage: Dec 1923
    Harold Simpson married Beatrice M Hodgetts Kings N 6d 28

    The family were still at that address in 1955

    Birth Sep 1924
    Norman Simpson (mother’s maiden name) Hodgetts King’s N. 6d 15

    Birth Jun 1926
    May Simpson (mother’s maiden name ) Hodgetts B’ham S. 6d 84

    Birth Sep 1930
    Walter Simpson (mother’s maiden name) Hodgetts B’ham S. 6d 56

  • Les Andrews:

    Hi Stan,

    I was born at 46 Holly Rd in 1948. My nan’s house was to the left of a gap in the houses. Did you know my dad Bernard? He was about 25 in 1948. Any info would be great.


  • kelly mckinnon:

    Hi, I don’t have any information about Ernest Simpson but I used to live at 65 Holly Road so I remember Wally. We lived at 60 Holly Road till 1989 and my parents bought 65 after Mrs Simpson(that’s who I knew her as) died. I used to speak to Wally whenever he visited his mother as it was directly opposite, he was a lovely man.

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