Caroline’s grandmother is looking for some old friends of hers called Edwards (or similar), who owned a business maybe on Pershore Road, which she thinks sold a variety of goods quite similar to Woolworths. They lost touch in the 1940s.

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  • Cliff:

    Cliff Fleetwood replies:
    I recall an Edwards’ Store on Pershore Road in Stirchley, right opposite Stirchley Boys School. It ran right back some distance from the main road. We used go in there to and from school for 2d of broken biscuits. Also their two lots of double doors were very good smooching hidy holes during the wartime blackout. Many a local friendship / love life was forged there…

  • Stan:

    Yes I can remember Edwards Store Stirchley. As Cliff says it was a store that sold similar goods to Woolworth.
    There was another similar store in Kings Heath, Bebbington’s, down by the Methodist church, just below that on the same side.

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