Doreen Hill lived on Pershore Road just below Cotteridge School, which she attended from 1938 to 1948. She would welcome anyone who remembers her to get in touch, please leave a comment below or email us.

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  • Louise:

    Sid Hill her Father also went to the school, I would say in 1911 +/-1, I am her daughter I went there and so did my daughter. Mum has lived in the area all her life and is now 80 years young, she has many stories to tell.

  • Carole Tomlinson:

    My mother was born on Shirley Road in 1916. She married a Yank and moved to USA, where I was born. I visited Cotteridge in 1997 and now often view it in GoogleEarth, as well as in the wonderful Cotteridge website photographs. It brings me much pleasure to recall my mother’s stories of her childhood and young adulthood and imagine them come to life in a real place. My dad spoke of his love of the place, its beauty and “the canals” that he walked along with my mother.

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