Debbie Bevins, neé Wilson, is trying to locate some old friends. She writes, “I lived in Cotteridge for a very short while from 1970 when we moved from Warwickshire.

I remember my first days at Cotteridge School where I have vague recollections of there being murals on the walls of the playground? I lived in Frances Road, but we moved to Wales and I lost touch with my best friends at the time: Paul Poole and Nicola Peevor who I remember had a slide in her garden which got so hot being made of metal, you were hard pushed to sit on it at times!

I have many fond memories of happy summer afternoons playing with a group of friends from the street and if anyone is out there and remembers me I would like to hear from you”.

E-mail us or leave a comment below if you want to get in touch and we will pass it on.

2 Responses to “Debbie Wilson”

  • Neil:

    Hi, some happy memories on Francis road in the 70s. The closest way to describe the memory would be an episode of Mr Benn’s Road. We lived no 15, close to the Gardners.
    I guess it is hard to place names unless one could see their photo.

  • Neil Whelan:

    I lived in Cotteridge from 1967 and went to school there with twin brother Greg and older sister Mel. We lived at 1703 Pershore Road with our nan and grandad the Chambers. Friends and family connections included Tony Stylianou of France’s Road, Francis Rylands from Stirchley, Steve Downey from Rowheath Rd, Paul Kirtz and John Deakin from Holly Rd and the Cartmells, Stricklands, Bushells, Sturgeons, Mellards. Moved back to Rowheath Rd when I was 30 for a few years. Loved living and playing in Cotteridge, fond memories of the Junior school. I remember when the art students came and painted the murals on the walls plus playing British Bulldogs and marbles and kick the can down the park. The first girl who had a crush on me was Wai Yee Tse whose parents own the Chinese at the top of Rowheath still I think. Great times.

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