Cotteridge Stores

Cotteridge Stores: late 19th century

Wendy is researching her family tree and has these two photos of Cotteridge Stores, which seems to be an off licence. The licensee is Clara Moorfield who was married in 1915 to Samuel Townend (his second wife). The photos appear to be taken in the late 1800s. Clara is in the centre of the first photo and on the left of the second one. Wendy wonders if anyone has any information about Clara Moorfield (perhaps her married name by a first marriage or maybe her maiden name). Also, where is this building and what is it now? Any information would be gratefully accepted.


Cotteridge Stores

Cotteridge Stores: late 19th century

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  • Mary Thorpe:

    Are these Cotteridge stores on Pershore Road, almost opposite The Grant?

    They were an off-licence back in the 1950s/60s, and still are I think.

  • Emma:

    This is now the off licience / convienience store opposite the Grant Arms. It has changed a lot but all the upstairs windows and the building shape is the same.

    I’ve lived here all my life and love seeing these old snaps even though I’m only 35 and wasn’t around then I have researched the area for years now.

  • Lynne:

    William Moorfield married Clara Green (born 1868) in 1888.
    They had a son William in 1889 (birth registered in Burton)
    In 1891 they are living at 104 Price Street, Smethwick with William’s mother, Hannah.
    Deaths March 1899: William Moorfield aged 40, Kidderminster, 6c 141.
    By 1901, Clara was a widow, running the Pitts Head Tavern at 66 Far Gosford Street, Coventry. Son William was with her.
    By 1911 Clara is a Brewers Manageress at 144 Pershore Rd, Cotteridge.

  • Jaz:

    I am the current owner since 1995.

    It is still an off licence if any one has any old pictures please contact me as we want to restore it to its orignal beauty.

  • Lee:

    Jaz I think that is a commendable thing wanting to restore your store, I am an architectural historian and if you can do that then I have faith in human kind! 🙂 If ever you want any help let me know, it was such a beautiful building 100 years ago!

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