Bob writes, “I am a former pupil of Cotteridge School, from 1953 to 1958.I can remember a few of the teachers and pupils mentioned and wondered if anyone remembers an accident when the dinner van bumped into the wall separating the two playgrounds, knocking down part of the wall and injuring a pupil called John Stevens”?

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  • Vicki:

    I was at cotteridge school from 1951 – 1957 and well recall the accident. Could not however remember how the wall came down or the name of the pupil. I do recall he lost toes in the accident and still remember how distressed I was about it at the time. Thanks for filling in some details.

  • Paul Cooper:

    I was also at Cotteridge between 1953 and 1959 and remember this accident well. Seeing the details given by Bob reminded me about John and I seem to recall being quite upset (although maybe a little fascinated, if I am truthful) that he had lost his toes.
    Little bits like this jog ones memories of the various teachers – Mrs Rudkin, Miss Smith (scary) and Mr Hewlett – and some of the people I went to school with – Glenda Hobbis, David Clayton, Kenny Owen amongst others.

  • Gerald:

    I remember, somewhat hazily, the incident. I think the rear doors of the dinner van swung open as it came past the wall causing part of the wall to collapse. I remember the boy screaming and either Mr Enoch or Mr Hewlett picking something up with a piece of newspaper in his hand afterwards.

    I had it in my mind that the injured boy was Michael Nott but I could be getting mixed up on this.

    Apropos of nothing the van involved was a rusty coloured Ford E83 or very similar.

  • Mandy:

    I was just browsing the web for information about my dad and an accident that happened when he was young.
    My dad is john stevens the little boy who lost his toes. He still has no toes; it’s his party trick to scare people and he is still going strong. If any body has any info photos etc would be great. It was lovely to hear your stories.

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