Simon is trying to find out any information on Cotteridge Fire Station:

I believe my great grandfather was based there, after initially serving at the Central Fire Station in Birmingham following discharge from the South African Constabulary. This could have been anytime between 1907 and WW2. His name was Leading Fireman William Henry Stanley. Any help will be gratefully received.

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  • Cliff:

    Cliff Fleetwood writes:
    I well recall the concerts given by the Fire Brigade band within the fire station, on Sunday evenings I think, and as a spotty young boy standing in awe, looking at the polished brass, shiny floor of the engine shed, hoping & praying there would be a fire call in the middle of the performance…

  • Chris Houghton:

    I don’t know whether this is the same man but this is an extract from my father-in-law’s recollections about an incident in Stirchley High Street in about 1918.

    Our weekly trip to the post office to collect father’s weekly army pay one day resulted in a never-to-be-forgotten happening. With Jim in the high pram and me with one hand on the handles we had to cross the road and on this occasion I darted off not waiting for mother’s permission and shot under the head of a horse. Mother and a lot of other ladies screamed and I was captured by a man who returned me to mother who then spotted Mr Stanley THE FIRE BRIGADE for Stirchley. He had a 2 wheel fire escape which was pushed by immediate volunteers with Mr Stanley tolling the bell. He looked so official in his uniform with a black leather helmet with brass ornaments. She said, “Mr Stanley arrest this naughty boy who has just rushed into the horse road without waiting for me,” and I was arrested with all the onlookers saying, “naughty boy.” Tears were running down my cheeks. Eventually Mr Stanley released me on condition that I promised never to do it again.

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