Rachel writes… I’m looking for info about a man called Clifton Peter Scott-Riddle who married my late Grandma Ivy Lee in March 1939.  He then disappeared and it transpired that he was a bigamist. Grandma gave birth to my father in Dec 1939 so this man is my grandfather. She lived with her parents in Beaumont Road and married Horace Jays in 1942.

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  • Rachel Burland:

    Hi wanted to let you know I have found the person known as Clifton Peter Scott-riddle. A daughter from his 4th marriage has contacted me. Her father was William Sinclair Riddle born in Australia in 1909. She has the newspaper article detailing his arrest in 1940 complete with grandma’s statement to the court. This has taken me 10 years to find him. Please would you update your website accordingly.
    Many thanks
    Rachel Burland

  • Rachel Burland:

    Hi I have now found this man. His real name was William Sinclair RIddle born in Australia. Thank you.

  • jill thornton:

    Hi Rachel

    I am looking at William Sinclair Riddle, who married my cousin Minnie Atkinson in 1937. He married her under the name of Wynne St Clare Riddle (who I believe is William Sinclair’s brother).

    He married Ivy Lee in 1939 under the name of Clifton Peter Scott-Riddle, also his brother I believe.

    William was Australian and died there in 1987, no doubt after skipping the country after his bigamy trials.

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