Colette writes, “I’m researching my family tree and particularly two brothers who went to war and were both killed in 1916. They lived in Charlotte Road, Stirchely, and I am trying to just build up a picture of the street they came from. If anyone has any memories passed down of people, families and events in Charlotte Road I would love to hear about them”. As always, if you have any information, please leave a comment or contact us.

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  • Cliff:

    Cliff Fleetwood replies:
    As you may already know this road runs parallel to Pershore Road and was mine, and loads of other young lads, rabbit run to Stirchley Senior Boys School, via Elm Tree and Ash Tree Road.

    I recall that at the far end, from Cotteridge, was Ten Acres & Stirchley Co-op bakery, and their Works & Building Dept. By referring to the Stirchley website I was able to confirm my own memories, that it suffered some bomb damage, and casualties by the name of Bishton(?).

    During the 1939/45 war it was also my route, when reporting for duty at Stirchley Police Station in Victoria Road. Maybe because I associate this road with school and war duty I do not have any affection for it.

    “Police Aux M. S.” was the name displayed on the shoulder flash. We were trained by senior police officers and I now understand how they relied and trusted us with responsibilities and authority, far beyond our youthful looks. Anecdotes would fill a whole web page, some sad and serious, others a real howler.

  • michael round:

    i lived in victoria road there was a mrs jones who lived there her husband was also killed in ww1.your road was best remembered for the co-op entrance taking the meat down there .had a lot of friends live there,chipperfields,martins,irvings,rubens happy days

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