Neil writes:

I seem to remember that in the early 60s they were dredging the canal at Lifford between Lifford Lane and the canal junction by Kings Norton Park, and they accidently lifted and removed a massive plug which they didn’t know was there because it wasn’t mentioned on any of the plans they had from when the canal was built.

This resulted in the water draining from the canal and flooding the valley and the river below. I seem to remember that Lifford Hall was at least partly flooded but it wasn’t deep enough to reach Sturges factory. Can anybody remember it and is there anything anywhere on the internet about it?

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  • Paul Bushell:

    I remember it well, as I can recall walking along the canal from the Breedon Pub bridge to the Lock house at Kings Norton and the canal was empty, I remember being amazed at the number of house bricks and rubble etc and black thick mud.
    It definitely happened!

  • Lynne North:

    I remember the flood of the early 60s very well. I was living at Lifford Hall with my parents at the time. The hall was owned by Stuges then and was the firms canteen and social club. My parents were employed as cook and caretaker/gardener. The flood happened at night as I recall and I can remember my parents working hard to raise furniture above the water level. The clean up took a long while afterwards and I recall the parquet floors having to be sanded and refinished for one.
    I will be happy to share my memories of Lifford between 1958 & 1964, when I lived there with anyone interested. Sadly, my parents who obviously knew much more about that time, as I was a child, are no longer alive.

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