John writes: “I worked for Bob and Anne Moore at the Breedon, and just came across an old photo.  It shows Bob & Anne, Malcolm, one of the regulars, and Steve Gibbons’ wife Susie”. Contact us or leave a comment if you have any other memories of photos of the now-gone Breedon Bar.

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  • Chris:

    My father (Brian Ireland) was the landlord of the Breedon bar or Breedon cross as it was then up until 1966/67.

  • Adrian:

    I used to live on the other side of the canal bridge (1624 Pershore Rd). I used to go to the Breedon with my mom Judy Smith from 1976 onwards. I remember the back room with pool table and arcade machine. I was there on my third birthday when the police raided the pub. I remember all the bikers. I also remember when Tizwaz was there one Saturday. As I grew up I saw many bands, and the atmosphere was always great. Most of the people I knew were my mom’s friends, some I’m still in touch with.
    The pub is still a good conversation point as it holds so many memories for so many poeple.

  • Victor:

    Dose anyone remember Suzan Stokes? She was a cleaner, and in about 1976 she married Mick Tounge. I would like to get in contact with them, as we were good friends. Can anyone help please? Send us an email and we’ll pass it on. Thank you.

  • Michelle:

    We were the last people to have the Breedon, I have loads of memories of the pub, one of the best times of my life… I was devastated when local ASBOs set it on fire, such a shame it’s gone :o(

  • Dean:

    Does anyone remember the Bugg family that run the pub in the 70s ( daughters Joanne and Mandy )
    Or the Noble family that were there at the end of the 70s?

  • Donna Bickley:

    I worked for Bob and Anne from 1989 till they left, stayed on for a while after Steve had taken over but it just wasn’t the same without Bob and Anne. I lived upstairs on first floor and the place was spooky at night, had lots of strange things happen there. Always had Zuma, their GSD in my room for back up! I worked with Cath Rush, Trudi Powell, Liz (?) Tracie (?) Pattie Powell. They were halcon days, so wish they could have gone on forever. Drank with Carlo, Marko, Boo, Bish, Foxey etc. Never a dull moment working that bar! Would love to hear from anyone who was around then.

  • Donna Bickley:

    And if John is the one I am thinking of, would love to hear from you also. Fake log fire in bar, conservatory furniture, lock ins till the sun came up and chillies to die for! I met my love there (Dave Morris) and still in touch now.

  • Charlotte Rathbone:

    Hi….I know this post is really old now but I was searching for pics etc of the old Breedon bar and stumbled across this thread. I also pretty much grew up there as a child in the late 80’s early 90’s. I’m sure Mick ran it then and I used to stay upstairs withhis son and be baby sat whilst my mom slang in bands downstairs. We went there every Sunday and I remember bbqs and the back room with the pinball machines.The bikers were family friends and I have such fond memories. So sad that it got burnt down.

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