Tony wonders is anyone can remember an off licence in Beaumont Rd in the 1960s. He’s lived in Bournville for over 45 years and seems to remember residents taking a carrier bag to the off licence to disguise the fact that they were fetching drinks, but he’d appreciate any confirmation that this was true. 

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  • John:

    John has e-mailed to say:
    I remember one next door to 110 Beaumont Rd (home of the Whyborn family) in the late 1950s. I went to Kings Norton Grammar School with Robert Whyborn and from visits to his home I remember the ‘Outdoor’ on the left as you went into Beaumont Rd from Linden Rd. I think it was an Ansells but I can’t be sure.

  • Tony:

    Tony writes that he has found out from another source that the licensee was named Mick McCloud and he had this off licence in the late 1960s. Before that he was employed as a delivery driver with Cadburys.

  • Reader:

    My mum and dad (the Smiths) bought the off licence from Mick McCloud. My dad was the licensee between 1979-1987. They then sold it and the new owners turned it into a private residence. Hope this helps, let me know if anyone has found any pictures.

  • Nicola:

    I remember the outdoor very well, I lived at 106 Midland Road and my mom used to send me down there for pop, sweet and a bag of scratchings at weekends. Fond memories.

  • Derek:

    Remember the outdoor on the corner of Ashmore Road and Midland Road,
    Also the one on the corner of Rowheath Road and Watford Road where we got dad’s beer from.

  • Valerie Waters:

    I was at school in the early 1960s with a girl named Gwendoline Biddle, the daughter of the licensee of the off Licence in Beaumont Road.

  • Sarah:

    Are there any photos of the off licence? My nan was the licensee and my mum Gwen grew up there for a while.

  • Lyn:

    I remember the outdoor in Beaumont Road in the 60s. I was a regular at Community Transport opposite it. In those days it was run by Angie. People took jugs etc in to get sherry by the pint.

  • Lance:

    I lived at home and garden supplies on Mary Vale Rd and used to fetch my dad’s beers, fags and spirits for him from Mick at age 13.
    By 15 Mick was serving me thinking it was for my dad, all my mates used to come to me to get beers because they couldn’t get served…

  • Kurt Mcleod:

    Yes my mom Angie and dad Mike Mcleod owned it. It was a Answells and I remember the cellers for the draft beer . We then moved next door to 110 when Lez Smith took over . Still friends with the Smith clan.

  • Barry wood:

    Hi. I used to go to junior school with dean tovey who lived next door to the off licence. My first ever alcoholic drink was from there in approx 1974 -5 it was open later im not sure when it closed

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