Carol writes: does anyone know what happened to number 1 Baldwin Road, Kings Norton? This the first house is number 3 and there is an area of open land along side it where I assume number 1 would have stood?

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  • Cliff Fleetwood:

    Not too sure (memory lapse etc.) but I think it was severely damaged during the war, that is if No 1 was at the Lifford Lane end?
    When we were first married (1948) our new home was in Marjorie Avenue, just around the corner from Baldwin Road.

  • Jenn:

    There has never been a 1 Baldwin road. My grandparents moved into number 5 when it was built and my god mothers family were in no. 3 built in the early 1920s. As mentioned in a previous email to this site workmen found a passage way where the waste ground is in the nineteen fifties but it was never built on.

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