Tony is doing his family history. His great grand parents, James Henry and Elizabeth Adkins, lived at 112 Midland Road from about 1902. He was a local slater and his son James William Adkins, a property repairer, lived at 82 Pershore Road, later renumbered 1729, (where Tony’s mother Eva Kathleen Marlow was born in 1919). James and Elizabeth had eleven children: Avis, Charlotte, Alice, Alberta, James. Bertram, Emma, Elizabeth (Tony’s grandmother), Harry (who died in Belgium in 1917), Beatrice, and Maude. St Agnes Church features a lot in the family history and Tony would like to find a picture of it. If anyone could help with any information about any of these folk he’d love to hear from them.

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  • Tony:

    Are you the friend of my brother, Michael (Micky) Pearsall?
    We lived at 93 Pershore Rd, in the converted monastery, you would have been about 15 or 16 at the time (around 1954)…

  • Tony Sargent:

    Sorry, no. Not born till 1946. But for all that the name is not unknown to me but cannot remenber why.

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