I was interested to read the article about the High House, Kings Norton. I lived at flat 5 the fire station from 1949 until I was called up in 1956.

My father had a part-time job ferrying cars from longbridge to various parts of the country and used to park them overnight in the drive leading to the coach house. As a 12 year old I took the keys to one of the cars and crashed it into the coach house gates. A fireman who had seen me in the car, informed my father who made my life a misery and grounded me for a week.

I, with other boys from the fire station and the two brothers who lived at the shop (under the clock) gained acces to BK Alloys and got up to untold mischief among the scrap planes keeping a wary eye out for the watchman who chased us off on many ocassions. Our escapades came to an abrupt end when when we blew up a war-time emergency water tank on the site with sticks of potassium found in outbuldings at the scrap yard and thrown into the tank whilst some men were fishing there. For my sins, and on leaving school in 1954 I was sent to BK Alloys as an electrians mate, but I never let on about my past.

Our other stamping ground was opposite the fire station behind some war-time garages, a wild over grown area where you could spend all day messing about until our camp fire got out of control and set fire to the undergrowth and trees.

I was also a member of the Boys Brigade at the church next to the tram depot, had a paper round at Wincotts and a Saturday job at a greengrocers opposite the tram depot.

Happy days…

Ken Weston
October 2010

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  • Toby:

    Hey, just a quick comment to say this is a great site!

    Only moved to Cotteridge in 2008 and I love it here, nice people and a slightly slower pace to other parts of the city!

    Great to see all the old pictures!

  • Derek Gilbert:

    Was born and raised in Cotteridge. Remember the High House when it was club. Parents took us there as it accepted children, used to play in the grounds with the other kids.

    Used to play in the park when it had the allotments and the “Dells”.

    Now retired in Prestatyn

  • Emma:

    Thats so nice to hear Derek. I live in Cotteridge with my husband and children and am fascinated by all these old stories… I grew up around here and Stirchley so know it like the back of my hand… I’m addicted to all these old websites!!!

  • Steven:

    Hi Ken

    Remember my dad telling me about BKL

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