Another memory that was jogged is in the picture of a tram shown in the post Pershore Road trams. The second picture shows exactly the same spot of a terrible accident, in snowy weather on a Sunday afternoon in about 1947, involving a Midland Red bus, a tram, and a private car.

There were also double deck buses involved used on the visiting hours hospital run. The conducteress on the Midland Red was thrown through the front glass window and was treated, as other injured passengers were, in the houses 1713 and 1715 Pershore Road.

I was a prime witness and in the subsequent court case, even as a very young man, disputed the evidence given by the police sergant on the amount of snow in the gutters of Pershore Road. Fortunately the court accepted my version of the events and convicted the right person.

If I recall correctly the damaged tram was recovered by another tram sent down the “up” line, from Cotteridge terminus and so cleared the road.

Perhaps someone reading this on the Cotteridge website can verify my version?

Cliff Fleetwood

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  • Doreen Smith (nee Hill):

    I remember the bus accident very well.

    The driver and a badly injured lady passenger, who came from Greenacres Road, were taken into my parents house at 1699 Pershore Road. The driver had severe cuts to the arms and was treated by my aunt, in the kitchen. The lady, a Mrs Snook, who worked in town at the Odeon (I think) was looked after in the living room on the mat, in front of the fire.

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