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  • Sharlene Byron:

    Hi I use to work at R J Hunt. I am now 55 years old. I remember it to be a very family orientated company. My dad was Mr Joel Byron and worked there for many years. Sadly he has now passed away. My dad got me a job there. I can remember the very strong smell of metal. I enjoyed working there – I used to do the casting, putting sand I think in moulds. I distinctly remember a conveyor belt and one day one of the workers bought in a ferret which slipped out of his leg onto the conveyor belt – how we laughed as I was so scared…
    I have fond memories of that place we were one big family. Memories, who would trade them, eh.

  • Ken Smith:

    I am 55 and my dad Ken Smith worked there till mid 80s. He was on piece work. A union guy. Found a rabbit there once and brought it home. The only pet he got us. Was black from the black sand they used for the forging. We called it Huntley! Dad used to come home tired and black from the forging a. He was a fettler.
    I remember them being on strike a couple of times and we had no money. I think he enjoyed it and his mates there. He was made redundant at 57. Never really worked again. Passed away 8 years ago.

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