Roy writes:

We have a relation, Brian Lambert, over from Australia.

Could someone help please if anyone has any memories or photos of a company called R J Hunt, a foundry which was situated by the bridge close to the Breedon Cross pub.

Any help would be gratefully received, thank you.

Any information please leave a comment below or email us and we’ll pass it on.

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  • Paul King:

    My father Talford King sometimes known as Tom King worked at Hunts, I can remember him showing me around as a small boy, it was to a boys eyes very dark and hot,with what looked like lots of flames coming out of the floor.
    I remember my dad telling me that one day some men were pouring molten metal and some splashed up and went down the boot of one of then, with the shock the man just ran around the factory on a stump that was once his foot and the men had to knock him out to stop him, there was another man who lost his arm in an accident.

  • Val Lovett:

    I was at Cotteridge Infant & Junior School from 1948 to 1953 before moving onto the Senior school. I do remember a Martin Hunt who was a son, I think, of the RJ Hunt family. Most of the boys went onto Stirchley Boys School at 11 years old.

  • Tony Cox:

    I have a 1935 three-wheeler made by a short-lived company JMB Motors of Ringwood in Hampshire, and I am currently rebuilding the brakes. The cast iron drums are marked “R.J. Hunt” on the inside.

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