Victor writes:

Does anyone remember a comic shop in Stirchley in the 1970s called Outer Limits?

If so can you share any information you have about it or remember?

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  • Tom:

    The owner’s name was Pete Lennon and it was me who came up with the name of the shop.
    Best wishes!

  • Victor:

    Hi Tom – can you recall where about in Stirchley the shop was? When it opened and shut down?

  • Terry:

    Was the shop in Elmtree Rd, on the right going up Pershore Rd) and was it Marvel comics they sold?

  • Victor:

    Hi Terry,
    Yes it was Marvel amongst others that they sold – I’m not 100% sure which road it was on though, thats what I’m trying to find out.

  • Chris Holmes:

    I remember Pete Lennon well and Outer Limits began life as a stall in a tiny indoor market. Nigel Whittaker, a friend at the time, worked behind the counter for Pete on the weekends. Mr. Lennon is still active and can be found at comic book shows and on Facebook.

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